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[Case Study]: Nutra with ROI 88,57%

A case study from an Affiliate Marketer who works with, AD1, KMA. (Offer: Ureline; Traffic Source:; GEO: KZ; Period: 28.05.18 - 14.09.18; Spent: 1050.95$; Received: 1980$; Profit: 930$ (ROI - 88.57%)

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In Spring, a good friend of mine told me about sweeps that have been burning like fire during the whole winter-spring period, but I wasn’t aware of it. I started to deal with it only in June. Managers from ClickDealer and LetsCPA gave me pre-landings and some ideas for work, for which I am thankful.

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LosPollos and mix but stir. A case with the profit of 14000$

Adult dating-so much has already been said about it. And not in vain!! It is one of those verticals that will always work. For many people it is also one of the first verticals. Today I will share with you a recipe of how it can be cooked. Ingredients are simple and well known. The main task is mixing everything correctly.

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How to shorten Indonesia?! Or million clicks in a month.

About a month and half ago, I told you how I get acquainted with the Megapush network. I started my path on stock from it. Scary and not easy to understand. It was awkward and not skillful, but easy and reachable for everyone without bots, selfies etc.

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Case for draining traffic from

A couple of days ago I accidentally stumbled upon a grid of, they are selling traffic using push! Push - as a source of traffic for me is new, I didn’t have a lot of experience with similar formats, so the article will be most useful for a beginner!

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