Frequently Asked Questions

Affbank - it is Offers Aggregator and Networks Directory with great tools for Affiliates. Affbank provides you an easy search of offers from different Affiliate Networks. Affbank has power Ads Spy Tool - here you can check Ads of competitors for free! Updating of offers and ads is on a daily basis.

Affbank - it is the right tool to

  • • sort out in this "forest” of Networks through Affiliate reviews and handy offers search
  • • improve your skills in Affiliate Marketing
  • • get tons of fresh ideas with our Spy service


​​With Affbank you will start earn as a performance marketer!

• You search offers by various parameters here: Offers list
• Check Network reputation via reviews of real Affiliates!
• You choose offer and go to the Network page to “Join Now” this Network
• You create an account in chosen Network and get your affiliate links there
• You promote their offers and you get paid there
• You can get an advice about how to run offers in our Webmasters/Marketers community
• To refresh your brain, come back to and check Ads from Facebook, Revcontent, Adblade,Yandex, etc., here Try Ads Spy Tool


No, please note that we are not a Network. We are the directory of Networks, so if you would like to promote offers that you found here: Offers here you need to join the network that has the offer.

Check please our Blog and set of News Digests, there you will find necessary info about first steps in Affiliate Marketing and go further!

Affbank Blog

Affbank Digest

For Affiliates - it is the wide choice of offers from over the world and all verticals, moreover we have our secret tool - Ads Spy Tool for registered users, here you can see Ads of Competitors .

For Networks - it is the great promotion for your Network to our target audience. Affiliates will reach you somehow!

No, the procedure of registration is simple and free, so you can start here: Register

  • • You can browse and filter here TONS of banners, teasers, ads from Facebook, multiple Networks and more!
  • • We have only actual base of Ads
  • • We only work to extend the list of Networks for Ads Spy Tool. Moreover, if you want to spy ads from other Networks, just contact our managers by mail or Skype :

Offers are updated a few times in a day.

We have as traffic - visitors of our service. Our top GEO’s - United States, Spain, India, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, etc. Most of them are Affiliate Marketers/Publishers.

To list your Ad Network we need following info:

- Main ad formats (for example, banners, teasers, popunder and so on)

- Approximate ratio of mobile traffic and web traffic (for example, 30 mobile, 70 web)

- Top GEOs (3-5 countries with the biggest amount of impressions)

- The approximate amount of impressions in a month (if this information can be published)

- Contacts of Advertisers support (phone, Skype, email)

- A few words about your company that your advertisers will be able to make the decision, why it is better to buy traffic on your Network.

Please send all info via our Contact page or email us

If you have offers of any type CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS etc, we can work!

We will just mark the "type" of your offer in the description.

Send the info about your Network (short description, contact details: email address, Skype Id, phone number )

Via our Contact page or email us

It depends of where do you have offers:

  • HasOffers/ Offerslook/Get Cake: create an account for Affbank and submit the API Key and URL to our team :
  • For Proprietary / In-House Solutions:

XML Feed: Generate an XML feed from your side with all offers data. Send us the url and we'll update the information into our system daily.

CSV File: This is the fastest method but most manual work required to maintain.

Please notice that we need following data to make our offer listing more handy:

- Name (Offer name, for example - Last Empire - Android - ES)

- Description (Offer Description, for example - Best game for your Android phone)

- Category (Offer vertical, for example Health and Beauty, Loans )

- Countries (Offer country or countries, for example - ES, IT or Spain, Italy)

- Payout (Offer payout, for example - 4.5)

- Currency (Payout currency, for example - USD)

- Preview url (URL where we can make screenshot for offer, for example - http://google.cоm/)

For All Other Inquiries Related to Integration please contact us:

For adding this offer in our service, please, write:

- name (Offer name, for example - Last Empire - Android - ES)

- description (Offer Description, for example - Best game for your Android phone)

- category (Offer vertical, for example Health and Beauty, Loans )

- geo (Offer country or countries, for example - ES, IT or Spain, Italy)

- currency (Payout currency, for example - USD)

- payout (Offer payout, for example - 4.5)

- payout type/offer type ( CPA, CPI, CPL, CPO)

- preview link

Please send all info via our Contact page or email us

It is automatic, but you are able to control it if you will mark what offers we can pull. Also we can hide some offers manually.

No special requirements. We need just a short description about your Network in 2-3 sentences.

If you have a question about a specific Offer or Network listed on, then you need to reach out to the specific Network directly that is listing the offer on our site.