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Tipp24 LOTTO online spielen (IDFA required) (iPhone 12.0+) DE - Non incentIWOOP DE$3
Deezer Music (Android 7.0+) DE - Non incentIWOOP DE$1
UNIVERSE (Android 7.0+) DE - IncentIWOOP DE$0.08
Sleepless Miner Tycoon iPhone CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia BE +5$2.7
Sleepless Miner Tycoon iPad CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia BE +5$2.7
Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem - iOS - DEAdscend Media DE$4.9
UNIVERSE Incent (Android 5.0+) DE - IncentDoberman Media DE$0.13
SaraMart -Free Shipping (Android 8.0+) INTL 27 countries - Non incentCPItraffic MX +26$1.3
AAX-Trade Digital Assets, Bitcoin, ETH, Defi (GAID) (Android) DE - Non incentcooins.mobi DE$0.45
ASHLEY MADISON: Life Is Short. (iPhone 10.3+, iPad 10.3+) INTL 11 countries - Non incentcooins.mobi MX +10$0.19
PDFExtra_CPA (Yearly Subscription) (iPhone 13.0+, iPad 13.0+) DE - Non incentcooins.mobi DE$7.55
AAX (GAID) (Android) DE - Non incentcooins.mobi DE$0.65
Fire and Glory (Android) CPE Level20Adscend Media AU +6$16
Battle Night:Cyberpunk-Idle RPG (Android) CPEAdscend Media AT +4$35
Call Recorder (CPA) (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) INTL 13 countries - Non incentcooins.mobi AU +12$3.5
Fax Scan PDF (CPA) (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) INTL 13 countries - Non incentcooins.mobi AU +12$4.55
Interview Recorder (CPA) (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) INTL 13 countries - Non incentcooins.mobi AU +12$5.05
INCENT AppStation DE Android CPEAdscend Media DE$1.85
MyDailyCash DEAdscend Media DE$0.32
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars (Android) - DE - Reach Level 11Adscend Media DE$7
Gamehag iPhone CPE (DE) (Incentive)Adgatemedia DE$2.4
Gamehag iPad CPE (DE) (Incentive)Adgatemedia DE$2.4
Disney Collect! by Topps (iPad 10.0+,iPhone 10.0+) CA DE ES FR US - Non incentRuLead CA +4$0.45
WIFI UltraBoost - Wifi Booster - CPA - [INTERNATIONAL]affiliaXe MX +173$40
McAfee - Antivirus - CPA - [15 countries]affiliaXe MX +14$50
NordVPN – fast VPN app for privacy & security - Android - DEAdscend Media DE$2.24
Deezer: Musik & Hörbücher iPad CPE (DE) (Incentive)Adgatemedia DE$3.6
Deezer: Musik & Hörbücher iPhone CPE (DE) (Incentive)Adgatemedia DE$3.6
Magic Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games Android CPE (AT,DE,CH) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AT +2$4
AppStation - Earn Money Playing Games Android CPE (DE) (Incentive)Adgatemedia DE$2.32

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