Network details
Minimum Payment
100 $
Payment Type
Payment Frequency
Net-15, Net-30
Payment Method
Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, Epayments
Tracking Software
Games, E-commerce, Utilities


If you're looking for the latest tech developments in mobile advertising, Cooins is your platform of choice.

Years of experience, neverending inspiration and striving for the efficiency have brought us together with reliable partners with trustworthy traffic and creative ads.

We are determined to create higher standards in CPI/CPE/CPR.

Cooins is open for new partnerships! Don't miss out on a chance to achieve powerful results with the help of our exceptional team of affiliate marketing specialists.


Reviews (7)


I have been working with this network for six months and I want to thank the staff members for our fruitful and effective cooperation. Cooins is an example of good work and high professionalism.

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6 months ago



Thanks you're welcome

1 month ago

Taurus S

I don't know any other network that works as good as Cooins.

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7 months ago


Looking forward to all the other networks, this one is the best. High quality offers, good support team, they're always helpful.

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8 months ago


Probably the best affiliate network in the world. Outstanding customer support. CS replies instantly everytime and payments are sent on the date with no excuses. I have got payment even faster than planned once. Payouts are really competitive.

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9 months ago


once i had got a situation with this team. but i still work with, because they are a good and professional team

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10 months ago


thanks Olga, she’s very kind and competitive manager! it’s a pleasure to work with her

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10 months ago


One of the best networks i’ve ever work with

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10 months ago

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