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PrimeXBT CPA up to $600 for FTDPrimeXBT WW$600
BestObamaCare - US (US), [CPL], Biznes, Ubezpieczenia, assurance, security, safeMyLead US$5.89
SELECTMYPOLICY.com - US (US), [CPL], Biznes, Ubezpieczenia, assurance, security, safeMyLead US$6.62
The Unemployment Guide - US (US), [CPL], Biznes, Ubezpieczenia, assurance, security, safeMyLead US$0.73
Uangme (CPE) (Android 7.0+) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$0.16
Maximum Mobile GMT+3 (iPhone 12.0+, iPad 12.0+) TR - Non incentDoberman Media TR$0.07
Credy MX СPL: CPL Валидная заявкаSalesDoubler MX$0.06
Credy KZ СPL: CPL Валидная заявкаSalesDoubler KZ$0.05
Fondeadora (IDFA required) (iPhone 13.0+, iPad 13.0+) MX - Non incentMobiletraffic.de MX$0.35
Mach (CPE) (iPhone 11.0+) CL - Non incentMobiletraffic.de CL$1.35
Fondeadora (GAID required) (Android 7.0+) MX - Non incentMobiletraffic.de MX$0.35
Phocket_CPA (Android 5.0+) IN - Non incentDoberman Media IN$0.17
Pluang-CPA (Android 5.0+) ID - Non incentDoberman Media ID$0.78
One Aset CPR (Android 4.4+) ID - Non incentDoberman Media ID$0.26
Credy CO CPL+CPS: CPS 1-й выданный кредитSalesDoubler CO$0.14
Vamo VN CPS: CPS 1-й выданный кредитSalesDoubler VN$0.46
Credy CO CPL+CPS: CPL Валидная заявкаSalesDoubler CO$0.01
stc payCPALead EG +2$0.1
CoinMENA: Buy Bitcoin Now (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) SA AE - Non incentMobiletraffic.de AE +1$0.33
Niyo Global (CPE) (APPNAME required) (GAID required) (Android 7.0+) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$1.95
LazyPay - LazyCard, Pay Later_GMT +0_GAID (Android 5.0+) IN - Non incentDoberman Media IN$0.08
CoinMENA CPA (Android 6.0+) BH KW OM SA AE - Non incentcooins.mobi AE +4$1.05
KBmablemini CPA GAID (Android 6.0+) KR - Non incentcooins.mobi KR$1.8
UnaCash CreditLine PH (Android) CPQL: CPQL Валидная заявкаSalesDoubler PH$0.41
7option - CPA [UZ, IN] Desktop/Mobile *for iOS*VortexAds IN +1$16
7option - CPA [UZ, IN] Desktop/Mobile *for Android*VortexAds IN +1$14.4
7option - CPA - [IN, UZ] Desktop/Mobile *for SEO/Context*VortexAds IN +1$20
CoinMENA: Buy Bitcoin Now (Android) BH KW OM SA AE - Non incentHexcan AE +4$1.4
Maya–Your all-in-one money app (Android 6.0+) PH - Non incentHexcan PH$0.24
IQ Option CPA (Android 6.0+) INTL 9 countries - Non incentcooins.mobi MX +8$6.7

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