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redburnultimate.euDoAff.net DE$28.25
HorsePowerPlus.DEDoAff.net DE$23.73
[Web] IdatesCPALead US$1.04
Smartlink / OfferCPALead PS$0.35
Fiverr iOS Tier 2 CPEVashoot Ads FR$0.96
CPA - Newchic-Fashion Shopping Mall - IT Non-IncentVashoot Ads IT$1.84
VPN Master - US, DE, NL, SA, UAE - iOS - CPR!Vashoot Ads US$0.53
Fanduel Sportsbook UFC Fight Island (iOS, Free, US, 23MB, w/capping, PRIVATE) Region Targeting - PA - 300x50 - TransparencyVashoot Ads US$0.62
CPA - Newchic-Fashion Shopping - IT Non-IncentVashoot Ads IT$1.84
CPA - au PAY マーケット(au Wowma!) - Pontaポイントがたまる・つかえる通販アプリ - JP Non-IncentVashoot Ads JP$2.05
Paige - KR - androidVashoot Ads KR$0.19
VPN Master - US, DE, NL, SA, UAE - iOS - CPR!Vashoot Ads KR$0.53
LifePluse iOS KR Non Incent 09 IDFAVashoot Ads KR$0.25
Speak & Translate Multi Geo iOSVashoot Ads FR$0.37
Planet 49CPALead SE$1.04
Disney+ Subscription - TopCashback USAdscend Media US$10
Fiverr iOS Tier 2 CPEVashoot Ads MX$0.96
Speak & Translate Multi Geo iOSVashoot Ads US$0.37
Speak & Translate Multi Geo IOSVashoot Ads CA$0.37
Leon iOS RU (CPA)Vashoot Ads RU$3.99
Smartlink / OfferCPALead CY$0.17
VPN Master - US, DE, NL, SA, UAE - iOS - CPR!Vashoot Ads NL$0.53
MB|||APK_Toomics_Onestore_KR_CPA_(Age verification)|CPI|M2940Vashoot Ads KR$0.55
MB|||HardKPI_idus_IOS_KR_CPA_(First purchase)|CPA|M2940Vashoot Ads KR$0.35
MB|||HardKPI_idus_Android_KR_CPA_(First purchase)|CPA|M2940Vashoot Ads KR$0.35
MB|||HardKPI_FOSS Annuity_IOS_CPA_(Create account)|CPI|M2940Vashoot Ads KR$2.04
MB|||HardKPI_FOSS_Android_KR_CPA_(Create account)|CPI|M2940Vashoot Ads KR$2.04
MB|||HardKPI_FOSS_IOS_KR_CPA_(Create account)|CPI|M2940Vashoot Ads KR$2.04
6423 Trip.com_new Android KR (CPA)Vashoot Ads KR$0.53
6261 Unibet Sports iOS UK (CPA)Vashoot Ads UK$2.87

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