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6441 Woo Plus IOS UK AU CA (CPA)Vashoot Ads AU$0.41
(Direct) eCooltra - ES, PT, IT (City Targeting: Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Milan, Rome) - CPR_CPIVashoot Ads IT$1.66
Caliente Deportes (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) MX - Non incentVashoot Ads MX$0.26
Caliente Casino (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) MX - Non incentVashoot Ads MX$0.26
Leon iOS RU (CPA)Vashoot Ads RU$3.99
Aaptiv CPA Android USVashoot Ads US$2.21
Aaptiv CPA Android AU CA DE FR NZ UK NL SE NO DK SGVashoot Ads DK$1.47
Varo iOS US CPI_CPIVashoot Ads US$0.65
(Direct) ENA- JP - Android - CPA (Purchase)Vashoot Ads JP$6.41
Tannico iOS J20Vashoot Ads IT$0.35
Chime iOS US *DirectVashoot Ads US$0.35
The Last Three Kingdoms 삼국지 제후전 (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) KR - Non incent [PAUSE IN 24H] KR$0.48
삼국지제후전 (The Last Three Kingdoms) (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) KR - Non incent (iPhone 9.0+,iPad 9.0+) KR - Non incent [PAUSE IN 24H]RuLead KR$0.42
okey online Android CPE (DE,TR) (Incentive)Adgatemedia DE +1$0.14
Blood Balance (Worldwide)MaxBounty WW$88
FlirtHits (SOI) Mobile UKMaxBounty UK$2
FlirtHits (SOI) Desktop UKMaxBounty UK$3.85
FlirtHits (SOI) Mobile SEMaxBounty SE$4.6
FlirtHits (SOI) Desktop SEMaxBounty SE$5.25
FlirtHits (SOI) Mobile NLMaxBounty NL$2.4
FlirtHits (SOI) Desktop NLMaxBounty NL$3.7
FlirtHits (SOI) Mobile CAMaxBounty CA$2
FlirtHits (SOI) Desktop CAMaxBounty CA$3.8
FlirtHits (SOI) Mobile BEMaxBounty BE$1.9
FlirtHits (SOI) Desktop BEMaxBounty BE$3.6
Smartlink / OfferCPALead CY$0.17
AmigosConRoce - PPL - DOI - Mobile Only - ESCPA Affiliates Network ES$1.15
AmigosConRoce - PPL - DOI - Desktop - ESCPA Affiliates Network ES$2.1
Babooms - PPL - DOI - Desktop - UKCPA Affiliates Network UK$5.9
Babooms - PPL - DOI - Mobile Only - UKCPA Affiliates Network UK$2.95

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