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RedDoorz – Hotel Booking App (CPA) (Android 6.0+) VN - Non VN$1.05
hayu – Reality TV On Demand (iPhone 10.3+, iPad 10.3+) NL - Non NL$1.5
GetFamilyHistory - PRIVATE – US – IE – (CQNxdm122)GlobalWide Media US$2.43
GetFamilyHistory - PRIVATE – US – Chrome – (CQNxdm124)GlobalWide Media US$3
GetFamilyHistory - PRIVATE – US – FF – (CQNxdm123)GlobalWide Media US$3
[WEB+MOB] RLM - Win Samsung S10 + €750 MediaMarkt Voucher /DE SOI *FB Pixel*ClickDealer DE$2.85
[WEB+MOB] RLM - Win iPhone 11 Pro /DE SOI *FB Pixel*ClickDealer DE$2.85
[WEB+MOB] RLM - Win Samsung S10 /DE SOI *FB Pixel*ClickDealer DE$2.85
[MOB] Magyar-Milfek /HU DOIClickDealer HU$0.95
[WEB] Magyar-Milfek /HU DOIClickDealer HU$1.6
[WEB+MOB] IQOS /IT SOIClickDealer IT$2
[WEB+MOB] Win KitchenAid Equipment /DE SOI *FB Pixel*ClickDealer DE$2.85
Sunset Beauties MobitelMobusi LK$0.31
DK - [WEB+MOB] - Christmas Flapcat - SMSMobidea DK$9.1
UY - [WEB+MOB] - Christmas Recipe - SMSMobidea UY$0.86
SI - [WEB+MOB] - Christmas Recipe - SMSMobidea SI$4.82
ES - [WEB+MOB] - Christmas Recipes - PINMobidea ES$12.44
Витрина женских сумок DIENQI [RU]MonsterLeads RU$7.85
ЕШКО [lead+sale] RU ("Оплаченный полный курс")LEADS.BLACK RU$26.7
Victoria's Secret AE - Paid orderadmitad AE7.69%
Pottery Barn AE SA KW - Paid orderadmitad AE +27.69%
Bath & Body Works AE SA KW - Paid orderadmitad AE +211.53%
McDonald's (+GAID) (Android) BE - Non incentJungletap BE$0.2
Troubled times (iPhone, iPad) TW - Non incentJungletap TW$0.55
RedDoorz (Android) ID - Non incentJungletap ID$0.5
Tonki (CPE) (Android) FR DE IT - Non incentJungletap FR +2$0.87
Seven Deadly Sins (iPhone, iPad) KR - Non incentJungletap KR$0.65
Hangame Matgo (iPhone, iPad) KR - Non incentJungletap KR$0.55
Meetic* (iPhone) FR - Non incentJungletap FR$0.8
Deezer (+IDFA) (iPhone, iPad) DE - Non incentJungletap DE$0.92

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