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Myntra MVCPALead IN$0.24
Take a SurveyCPALead BE CY$0.45
Christmas & New Year 2019CPALead MX AE AU 30+$0.13
HalocellCPALead LK$0.14
Take a SurveyCPALead IN UA$0.36
TickBox - SOI USAdscend Media US$0.86
Travel Gift Card - SOI USAdscend Media US$0.98
Netflix LATAM UYAdscend Media UY$2.1
Netflix LATAM PYAdscend Media PY$2.1
Netflix LATAM ECAdscend Media EC$2.1
StreamedIN MOVIE LUAdscend Media LU$5.3
StreamedIN MOVIE CHAdscend Media CH$5.3
iPhone XS USAdscend Media US$1.4
Color Road! - iPhone - GBAdscend Media UK$0.1
마이 홈플러스 (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) KR - Non incentRuLead KR$0.42
NewsLoop (Android 4.1+) SG - Non incentRuLead SG$0.31
Shopee MY: 12.12 Birthday Sale (Android 4.1+) MY - Non incentRuLead MY$0.39
Boost (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) MY - Non incentRuLead MY$0.71
ejunior (Android 4.4+) SA - Non incentRuLead SA$0.55
כלכליסט (Android 4.1+) IL - Non incentRuLead IL$0.23
Cashalo -- For Fast and Easy Loans On-Demand (Android 4.4+) PH - Non incentRuLead PH$0.37
Доминос Пицца – доставка пиццы (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) RU - Non incentRuLead RU$0.26
Zalo News (Android 5.0+) MM - Non incentRuLead MM$0.31
QuickThoughts (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) DE - IncentRuLead DE$0.22
Bitcoins Wealth CPA (DE)CityAds AT DE CH$382.39

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