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Exciting (ワクワク - 恋愛マッチングアプリ) (iPhone 10.0+) JP - Non incentOfferseven JP$1.65
WaitrFood Delivery (IDFA required) (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) US - Non incentOfferseven US$0.95
Floward Flower (IDFA required) (iPhone 10.0+) SA - Non incentOfferseven SA$0.72
Pass Pass (IDFA required) (iPhone 10.0+) FR - Non incentOfferseven FR$0.9
Disney Heroes (IDFA required) (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) US - Non incentOfferseven US$0.48
Flowwow flower (IDFA required) (iPhone 10.0+) RU - Non incentOfferseven RU$0.48
muzmatch Single (IDFA required) (iPhone 10.2+, iPad 10.2+) GB - Non incentOfferseven UK$1.28
ZEE5 (Android 6.0+) GB - Non incentMotorMobile UK$1.41
DogHero (Android 5.0+) MX - Non incentMotorMobile MX$0.53
Crypterium (Android 5.0+) DE GB - Non incentMotorMobile DE +1$0.64
LINE プレイ(IDFA required) (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) JP - Non incentMotorMobile JP$0.51
GLAM (GAID required) (Android 7.0+) KR - Non incentMotorMobile KR$0.8
Paytm (Android 5.0+) IN - Non incentMotorMobile IN$0.15
Jeeny IOS CPA (iPhone 12.0+) SA - Non incentHexcan SA$3
BetEasy (iPhone 10.0+) AU - Non incentHexcan AU$1.2
컴투스프로야구2019 (iPhone 12.0+) KR - Non incentHexcan KR$1 (iPhone 10.0+) IN - Non incentHexcan IN$1
Jeeny (iPhone 9.0+) SA - Non incentHexcan SA$2
瘋狂老虎機Slotomania™角子機娛樂城 (iPhone 12.0+) TW - Non incentHexcan TW$1.17
VIALET (iPhone 10.3+) IT ES LV LT PL - Non incentHexcan LV +4$2.6
브랜디 – 여성들의 쇼핑앱 (iPhone 11.0+) KR - Non incentHexcan KR$1.68
Star Trek Fleet Command (iPhone 12.0+) JP - Non incentHexcan JP$1.76
Tapple タップル誕生-マッチングアプリ KPI NO REBROKERING (iPhone 11.0+) JP - Non JP$2
FreePrints – Free Photos Delivered CPA GAID (Android) US - Non US$1.6
MapleStory M - Open World MMORPG KPI NO REBROKERING (Android) MY - Non MY$0.52
Girl Cafe Gun ガール・カフェ・ガン Soft Hard KPI GAID (Android) JP - Non JP$0.52
Com2us Professional Baseball Manager 세븐나이츠 kpi (Android) KR - Non KR$0.88
SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online KPI (iPhone, iPad) AE - Non AE$0.36
Thục Sơn Kỳ Hiệp Mobile kpi no rebrokering (iPhone 9.0+) VN - Non VN$0.6
Epic Seven KPI (iPhone 2.2+, iPad 2.2+) FR - Non FR$1.1

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