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Dailyhunt (Newshunt)-Election, Cricket-News, Video (Android) IN - Non incentAdsFast IN$0.21
LOCARI (GAID required) (Android 5.0+) JP - Non incentMotorMobile JP$0.88
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos (Android) IN - Non incentIWOOP IN$0.24
dmenuニュース  (Android 4.0+) JP - Non incentCPItraffic JP$1.35
Telegraph Newspaper Edition (iPhone 8.0+, iPad 8.0+) GB - Non incentHexcan UK$2.03
Telegraph Newspaper Edition UK (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) GB - Non incentHexcan UK$1.85
LOCARI(ロカリ) - 女性の為のファッション・ヘア・メイク・レシピ・コスメ・美容・旅行等 (Android) JP - Non incentcooins.mobi JP$0.65
Dailyhunt (Android 5.0+) IN - Non incentHexcan IN$0.09
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos (Android) IN - Non incentAdsFast IN$0.13
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos KPI GAID (Android) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$0.12
dmenuニュース 無料で読めるドコモが提供する安心信頼のニュースアプ (Android) JP - Non incentBLAMMOB Limited JP$0.84
Twitter (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) JP - Non incentcooins.mobi JP$0.9
Dmenu news - Android 6.0+ - JP - Nonincent - CPI (Android) JP - Non incentRuLead JP$0.8
Twitter_BR_iOS_Non incent_CPA_Transaprency (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) BR - Non incentMobiletraffic.de BR$0.8
dmenuニュース (Android 6.0+) JP - Non incentBLAMMOB Limited JP$0.59
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos (Android 4.1+) IN - Non incentDoberman Media IN$0.75
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos (Android 4.1+) IN - IncentDoberman Media IN$0.15
dmenuニュース (Android 4.0+) JP - Non incentCPItraffic JP$1.43
Telegraph Newspaper App – World & UK News (Android) GB - Non incentMintegrated UK$0.78
Readly (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) DE - Non incentcooins.mobi DE$2
Twitter (Android 4.1+) KR - Non incentcooins.mobi KR$0.36
And_dmenuニュース[Shared] (Android 4.1+) JP - Non incentcooins.mobi JP$2.64
Le Figaro : Actualités et Info (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) FR - Non incentHexcan FR$0.58
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos GAID (Android) IN - Non incentBLAMMOB Limited IN$0.13
dmenuニュース 無料で読めるドコモが提供する安心信頼のニュースアプリ (Android 5.0+) JP - Non incentMobiletraffic.de JP$0.89
Dailyhunt (Newshunt) News KPI NO REBROKERING (Android) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$0.57
Yahoo Taiwan - Inform, Connect, Entertain (Android) TW - Non incentBLAMMOB Limited TW$0.81
Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News,Videos (GAID Required) (Android) IN - Non incentRuLead IN$0.1
Readly (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) DE - Non incentMintegrated DE$0.8
Readly (IDFA) (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) DE - Non incentcooins.mobi DE$0.65

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