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MB|||MC_Millieshelf_iOS_KR_CPA|CPA|M2680Vashoot Ads KR$1.72
MB|||MC_Millieshelf_Android_KR_CPA|CPA|M2680Vashoot Ads KR$1.13
MigCredit - RU - Android - CPAVashoot Ads RU$20.48
MigCredit - RU - IOS - CPAVashoot Ads RU$20.48
MB|||Floward_Android_KSA_CPI (City Targeting: Riyadh)|CPI|M2680Vashoot Ads SA$0.05
MB|||Floward_Android_KSA_CPI (City Targeting: Jeddah)|CPI|M2680Vashoot Ads SA$0.05
MPL:Mobile Premier LeagueCPALead ID$0.17
MPL: Play Fantasy CricketCPALead ID$0.17
ExpertOption (Android, Free, Tier1, 11MB, w/capping) CPAVashoot Ads KP$10.29
FreePrints – Photos Delivered (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) GB - Non incentBLAMMOB Limited UK$0.7
Lineage2 Revolution (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) TW - Non incentCPItraffic TW$0.84
Korea Force Securities 'FOSS' (Force)-Opened a fund supermarket / fund, pension, IRP (Android 4.0+) KR - Non incentCPItraffic KR$0.88
QA - [WEB+MOB] - Mobile Tools - PINMobidea QA$1.75
FreePrints - Free Photos Delivered (Android 7.0+) IE - Non incentIWOOP IE$0.55
FreePrints (Android 8.0+) GB - Non incentIWOOP UK$1.4
Likee - Formerly LIKE Video (Android 7.0+) GB - Non incentIWOOP UK$0.25
Likee - Formerly LIKE Video (Android 7.0+) IN - Non incentIWOOP IN$0.2
Fantasy Simulation War 1906 (iPhone 8.0+, iPad 8.0+) TW - Non incentCPItraffic TW$3.03
Viu - Korean Dramas, Variety Shows, Originals (Android 4.0+) MY - Non incentCPItraffic MY$0.12
ExpertOption (Android, Free, Tier1, 11MB, w/capping) CPAVashoot Ads DK$10.29
LINE PokoPoko - Play with POKOTA! Free puzzler! (Android 4.0+) JP - Non incentCPItraffic JP$0.77
[WEB] Flash Player /US/UK/DE/FR CPIClickDealer FR +3$0.8
[WEB] Flash Player /US CPIClickDealer US$1.1
[MAC] Mac Tuneup /US/UK/CA/DE/AU CPIClickDealer AU +4$3.2
[MAC] Mac Flash Player Catalina /US/UK/CA/DE/AU/FR CPIClickDealer AU +4$3.5
[MAC] Mac Flash Player Safari /US/UK/CA/DE/AU/FR CPIClickDealer AU +4$3.5
RichMeetBeautiful (Multi-Geo) ("Первая покупка")Advertise WW$52.92
Get exclusive FIFA 20 Team of the Year items!CPALead QA$1.86
VPNCowboy - Unlimited Secure Fast VPN ProxyCPALead US$0.54
Community Battery SaverCPALead AE +3$0.22

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