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Word Life: Casse-Tête de Mots iPad CPE (FR,DE,IT) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR +2$6
Word Life: Casse-Tête de Mots iPhone CPE (FR,DE,IT) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR +2$6
Stack Up !!! iPad CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia CA +16$0.05
Stack Up !!! iPhone CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia CA +16$0.05
Toluna Influencers (CPA - Email confirmation) (iPhone 10.0+,iPad 10.0+) DE FR - Non incentRuLead FR +1$0.64
Scanner App PDF iPad (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia MX +39$0.04
Word Life - Connect crosswords puzzle Android CPE (FR,DE,IT) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR +2$2.6
Scanner App PDF iPhone (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia MX +39$0.04
Mafia City - Android - FRAdscend Media FR$6.65
AVG Secure VPN – Unlimited VPN & Proxy server Android CPE (CA,FR) (Incentive)Adgatemedia CA +1$4.5
VPN SecureLine by Avast - Security & Privacy Proxy Android CPE (AU,BE,FR,NL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +3$9
NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure iPhone CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +5$15
NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure iPad CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +5$15
NordVPN – fast VPN app for privacy & security Android CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +4$15
Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask - Android - FRAdscend Media FR$3.92
Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG Android CPE (FR) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR$15
Zap Surveys - Earn Money and Gift Cards Android CPE (FR) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR$0.28
GIF Maker · Video to GIF iPad (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +21$0.04
GIF Maker · Video to GIF iPhone (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +21$0.04
Private Sport Shop - iOS - FRAdscend Media FR$0.28
Toluna CPE *KPI (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) FR DE - Non incentMobiletraffic.de FR +1$1.12
Crypto.com - Buy Bitcoin Now iPad (FR) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR$0.22
Crypto.com - Buy Bitcoin Now iPhone (FR) (Incentive)Adgatemedia FR$0.22
WW - [MOB] - Video Spinning - PushMobidea FR$0.01
Scanner App PDF iPad CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia MX +25$0.19
Scanner App PDF iPhone CPE (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia MX +25$0.19
Fire and Glory - Android - Reach Level 21Adscend Media AU +5$8
Scanner App PDF iPad (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +21$0.06
Scanner App PDF iPhone (INTL) (Incentive)Adgatemedia AU +21$0.06
Flash Player Mac Chrome - US, UK, CA, DE, FR (CA,FR,DE,GB,US), [PPI], Entertainment, Applications, Download, Install, DownloadMyLead CA +4$2.55

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