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500 $
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Wire, Paypal, Skrill

Better payouts, weekly payments, and more offers. Whether you're a super-affiliate or it's your first year in online marketing, you will automatically enjoy a 5-star personal approach. Unlike most affiliate networks that give the VIP treatment to their favorite affiliates, GuruMedia has made the VIP treatment our standard for every affiliate. Enjoy a dedicated support chat room with direct access to the management team, plus custom payouts, weekly payments and offers on-demand. GuruMedia has been in business since 2010, and has paid out more than $150 million to affiliates from all over the world. 


Reviews (2)

Ran over $1000+ worth of traffic a while ago and was paid and everything was fine. I asked could I get approved for a specific offer a few days ago and was blocked after. Literally blocked me for no reason. Dont work with them if you want to be treated like this.

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1 week ago

The Worst Network I ever worked on...Trust me don't join to them... they took 2 or 3 weeks to approve an affiliate... after 1 week they banned me.... I answered every question they asked In that interview on Skype Group...Then they approved me...Without any reason, they blocked my access after 1 week... Con: Every Product we need to apply to promote...i know they have 2k+ Products...Each time you need to apply and wait for the approval... I Don't mind... Becoz the best networks am working with Maxbounty, Clickbank, BuyGoods, Dr.Cash, CJ, SellHealth, MarketHealth, MoreNiche, TPMN, DigiStore24, HealthTrader, and Nutriprofits. and a few more CrakRevenue, LosPollos, Traffic Company, Olimob, CPABuild, CPALead, and CPAGrip.

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2 years ago

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