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46194 45684 Dating Private MultigeoAdsterra US$3
Baiserapide - Mobile - CPL SOI [FR] [Exclusive]Funhell FR$1.95
Fillesfaciles - Desktop/Mobile - CPL DOI [FR] [Exclusive]Funhell FR$4.13
SecretDate Adult - 13 Countries - androidAdCombo MX +12$0.5
SecretDate Mainstream - 13 Countries - androidAdCombo MX +12$0.5
MagyarSexting - Desktop - CPL DOI [HU]Funhell HU$2.45
MagyarSexting - Mobile - CPL DOI [HU]Funhell HU$1.23
Frecherspass CPL DOI AT [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator AT$1.7
Frecherspass CPL DOI AT [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator AT$4.5
Unknownflirts CPL DOI CA [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator CA$1.25
Unknownflirts CPL DOI CA [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator CA$2.37
Coquincontact CPL DOI FR [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator FR$1.25
Coquincontact CPL DOI FR [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator FR$2.25
Dojrzalesexkontakt CPL DOI PL [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator PL$0.2
Dojrzalesexkontakt CPL DOI PL [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator PL$0.6
Hausfraunebenan CPL DOI DE [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator DE$0.72
Hausfraunebenan CPL DOI DE [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator DE$1.2
UnserKleinesGeheimnis CPL SOI DE [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator DE$0.67
UnserKleinesGeheimnis CPL SOI DE [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator DE$1.2
MySecretTemptation CPL DOI CA [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator CA$1.3
MySecretTemptation CPL DOI CA [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator CA$2.35
Matchyfling CPL DOI AU [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator AU$1.5
Matchyfling CPL DOI AU [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator AU$2.85
Mistniflirt CPL DOI CZ [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator CZ$1.07
Mistniflirt CPL DOI CZ [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator CZ$1.7
Mijnflirt CPL DOI BE nl [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator BE$1.8
Mijnflirt CPL DOI BE nl [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator BE$3.72
Laseductricemysterieuse CPL DOI BE Fr [MOB] - Registration [mobile]Adsellerator BE$1.05
Laseductricemysterieuse CPL DOI BE Fr [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator BE$3
Randyflings CPL DOI UK [WEB + TAB] - Registration [tablet,desktop]Adsellerator UK$2.37

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