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MedyaNet - it's a Premium Advertising Network, with 54+ premium Publishers who are ready to reach the widest audience of 35 millions Users around the globe.
Experienced Team of MedyaNet will help brands and agencies to reach their target audience, fit their needs with the help of wide choice of ad formats, which will reach their clients anywhere in the globe!
It's not only the words, MedyaNet has reached 80% of the AD SES group in Turkey with their Display Ad format. (according to IAD data)
The choice is up to you - you can choose the specific publisher website where you want to see your banners ads.

If you want to check other formats, go to Affbank Information block and see other Advertising Formats, which are existing in MedyaNet. Check also reviews about MedyaNet and the Information section to see their Pricing Models, Targeting options and more.

Once you create an account with MedyaNet you will get dedicated experienced Manager who will help you the best.

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