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Payment Method
Wire, Paypal, Bank transfer
Top GEOs
AU, CA, FR, DE, IE 4+
Mobile / Web
0% / 90%
Impressions per month
2 billion
Min budget
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Clicks Ocean is an advertising network specialized in Cost-per-Click, Cost-per-Mille that promises a new approach to the Traffic Quality. Their main focus is to monetize traffic based on audiences’ clicks. With a billion of requests monthly, they are continuously enforcing their relations with partners.

Their traffic results from unique publishers and advanced tools for targeting traffic. Clicks Ocean has implemented a quality control engine so that their clicks are fraudless and come from real visitors.

For additional information before registering on the Clicks Ocean platform, see the Information section to find out what Pricing Models they offer, which are their Targeting Options and Advertising Formats. Don’t forget to return on Affbank in order to leave a review about Clicks Ocean.


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