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GiftHouse Amazon Prime - US CPLAdscend Media US$1.5
Sunbasket - US CPAAdscend Media US$15
Cheeky Bingo - UKAdscend Media UK$15
Apex Fitness Tracking Watch USAdscend Media US$4
UV Cooler Portable AC - Int'l - CPSAdscend Media US$40.2
Review Apple AirTags UKAdscend Media UK$0.55
BarkBox Limited Edition NBA Box + Free Team Jersey USAdscend Media US$7.5
LumiGuard USAdscend Media US$20
Curve Card UKAdscend Media UK$5.5
LEGO® USAdscend Media US$1.35
Amora $1 to start USAdscend Media US$8.04
Beans & Sparks - UKAdscend Media UK$3.3
Weight Watchers AU, NZAdscend Media AU +1$12
SendMeSamples SOI US CPLAdscend Media US$0.25
IdentityProtect.ca - 7 Day TrialAdscend Media CA$6.5
GiftCardGrabber - Amazon GiftCard - USAdscend Media US$0.7
Greenlight - Kids Debit CardAdscend Media US$19
Beans & Sparks - USAdscend Media US$5.5
Win a 500$ Amazon gift card - SOI - FRAdscend Media FR$0.7
Amazon - DOI - DEAdscend Media DE$1
Bon d'achat Amazon - FRAdscend Media FR$0.35
Gillette - GBAdscend Media UK$0.77
Earny - USAdscend Media US$0.8
Axe Deodorant NEW CPL Email Submit USAdscend Media US$0.45
DROP Rewards CPE Android USAdscend Media US$0.45
BabeBox - 50% Off First Box (Free Postage) GB/USAdscend Media US +1$1.75
Unlimited movies FRAdscend Media FR$7.25
ClearGalaxy - PS5 FRAdscend Media FR$11.4
Life Advice for Men (e-book) USAdscend Media US$1.2
Cleancult USAdscend Media US$7.5

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