What to expect from immigration niche? Interview with Tag Your Leads

What to expect from immigration niche? Interview with Tag Your Leads

  1. What's going on in immigration niche today in terms of media and traffic? What is the dynamics in recent years?

In today’s mobile world, immigration services are in extremely high demand. In recent years, our traffic records have shown a promising upward trend. Every day, millions of online users are searching for quality legal services, especially regarding immigration to Canada. While there are more and more service providers entering the field, the number of established and reliable professionals remains very limited. We’re proud to admit that our affiliate network is collaborating with top leaders of today’s immigration market. 

  1. What should motivate media buyers to try this field?

If you’re an experienced media buyer, expecting to send traffic and get fast return on investment - this is the best option for you! The immigration field is growing like crazy, bringing new opportunities for professional development as a media buyer and, of course, opportunities for an impressive passive income. Another fact you should know - all our offers are whitehat!

  1. How much webmaster/affiliate/publisher can earn? What is the ROI what do you think?

ROI and EPC are a driven parameter from the campaign budget and management - a publisher or an affiliate can make 3000$ and more, but as said, all depends on the initial budget and campaign management skills. Your success is in your hands, and we are here to provide all the necessary tools and professional support you might need.

  1. How many years have you been working in an immigration niche?

Our team has been working in this field for more than 5 years. We’ve collected a lot of data, analyzed our results and have never regretted choosing this niche. We have an amazing call center and sales agents, all specialized in immigration services and passionate about their job.

  1. In which countries are immigration services the most popular?

I would say that every country can find its uniqueness with over 60 different types of application. The nature of immigration services opens up wide global opportunities. In our case, after years of tests, we chose to primarily focus on Tier 1 countries.

  1. What are the best traffic sources for your offers?

Me personally, I like Facebook where you can connect to fellow marketers and affiliates and brainstorm together, but search engines traffic work best for us. It’s the matter of experimenting, researching and choosing what works best for you.

  1. Your advice to those who want to get started with immigration niche?

Always invest in good research and be true to your abilities - which I guess is true to any vertical. Also, be open to new opportunities and give this niche a try

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