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Hi! I'm Anastasia, I deal with Networks listed on Affbank and share valuable articles with Affbank Blog. When Affiliate Marketers are confused or have questions about this magic Affiliate World, they need to be guided. I'm here to create a content which will guide you and answer any of your questions.

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Most promising offer of the Summer
July 20, 2018

AdCombo has presented their most promising offer of the Summer. The offer which converts really well in such GEOs as Asia and Europe - is like a godsend. It is hot like the summer sun, so you need to hurry up to reap the benefits!

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How to Submit a Guest Post to Affbank Blog?
July 17, 2018

Affbank blog is a source of relevant articles and latest news for affiliate marketers. Written by experts of Affiliate marketing world all the articles provide readers with unique and useful information.

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Native Advertising: pros, cons and the future
July 09, 2018

Native advertising is one of the most engaging ad formats that delivers high revenue. Let’s find out about the pros, cons and the future of native ads and how to set up the perfect native campaign.

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How to earn money with mobile games and apps?
May 28, 2018

Did you know? $1 312 477 - that's how much money people spent on mobile app purchases last year. But users aren't the only ones paying money for their favourite games. Developers also pay good money for game/app downloads to people who help spread the word. So if you know what kind of person likes a specific game you can make pretty good money.

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