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First you need to learn some basic info. Take a look what I have prepared for you :

Basic simple article about how to begin:

How to become an Affiliate Marketer with the using of Affbank

So when you are ready to earn from  Affiliate Marketing  -  go to!

Who we are?

 Affiliate Offers Aggregator (You search offers, their payouts, landing pages, geo; Offers pulled from multiple Networks,  )

 Free Spy Tool (You can check Ads of competitors, images, headers, geo)

 Exclusive Discount collection on popular services




So How exactly work with Affbank?

  Choose a product with which you are feeling comfortable. Product which you already love, which you are able to sell.


  You choose Offer by clicking on the name and you go to the Offer Page:

Here you are all info about this offer and the Network which has this offer.

Payout (what payment you will recieve from Network for 1 action)

GEO (for what location/country you have to promote this product)

Category (niche/vertical/type of offer)

If this offer is exactly available or not.

Even the contact Skype of the Manager from this Network.

The sweetest moment is the Landing Page of this Offer. You can check it by clicking on Landing Preview!  In this case you can even save it:


Would you like to run this offer? Do you have a good traffic for this offer? No? Back to the Offer search and find the best one!

  When you decide to promote Offer - go creating an account in this Network and you will get your affiliate link there!

While creating an account in some Network, you will need to fill the short questionnaire (name, address, phone number etc.) After registration, Network takes its time to approve it, around 24h-48h. Apply for few Networks.

About how to apply to the Network here <<<

Find a big list of Affiliate Networks and check Network's reputation

Filter it by Payment frequency, Tracking software, Commission Type, Payment Method

You know how to do it.

There are contact details, try to reach Network’s manager and you will be approved faster!


  When you want to buy some traffic for your offers, go to the Advertising Network listing.

Here you are filters by Top geos, Ad formats, Impressions Monthly, Traffic Type, Category of traffic.

Super detailed info about every Network:


MORE super useful tools from Affbank for you :


Ask . Affbank 

The community of Webmasters and Marketers, they will help you with building the site, with getting traffic, with running offers and more.

Best brains on the market!



Spy service

It is the tool that allows you to SPY ads of competitors, other Affiliate Marketers. You can see what creatives they are using to promote offers for specific GEO (country)

About how to work with Affbank Spy tool here <<<

In short, you can check Promo which includes :

Short description

Landing Page (click on the url over an image)



You will have a lot of fresh ideas to use for your own promo!

Discount Page

We collected for you the discounts, promo codes, extended trials on the MOST POPULAR services on the market (Trackers, Landing Page creators, Website analytics etc.). Use it and get more high ROI!



TO be continued, Guys...

Ask me any question, I will help!




Create an account in 1 minute for free and become more smart than others in 1 month with Affbank community!

Hi! I'm Anastasia. When Affiliate Marketers are confused or have questions about this magic Affiliate World, they need to be guided. I'm here to create a content which will guide you and answer any of your question!

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October 04, 2017


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