How to score 2k with SmartCPA: Case study

How to score 2k with SmartCPA: Case study

Today, Clickadu shares with us a case from one of their users. Such profit was possible with the help of one of the best features on the market - a smart bidding system made by Clickadu, which is called SmartCPA. Go on and read the case, we are sure, that you will find it useful. Enjoy the story-telling! 


"Hi guys,

I’d like to share a simple working pattern that I have tested recently.

Vertical: tools

Traffic source: Сlickadu

Geo: Brazil

Spent: $1153

Revenue: $2047

Profit: $893

ROI: 77.5%

Upon the advice from my affiliate manager I have chosen a tool for Brazil in Grabbed an aggressive landing page with Adplexity and then removed blockers and sounds, as the traffic source does not allow such stuff. I translated the landing into Portuguese using

And so a better average demonstrated that kind of a land:

landing page for Brazil tool

The best result was reached with pops on that new Clickadu SmartCPA feature. I didn't bother with settings and run the campaign 24/7, as for freq - 1/12; assure, you don't need more. The price of Brazil was 0.23$, day budget was 100$, and the test limit budget was 200$. The limit on zones was set by default; 1000 impressions per zone are enough for tests.

I took Android and set the flow for the installs.

The system allows you to match the campaign sources without any complicated issues and save time on selecting blacklists. A few tests with a small budget are enough to get a virtuous cycle. Personally, I've just cut off IE, the built-in Android browser and 4 platforms that were poorly converted (in my opinion) on a couple of past runs. That's all! After the test, you pay only for conversions.

After a successful test for 200K, the campaign spent about 1 million traffic.

Some Numbers to illustrate the point:

numbers from shakes

statistics from the tracker

Total spent is 1240204M traffic, converted 8191. I earned 2047$, spending only 1153$. ROI was 77%

The pros: The SmartCPA model eliminates the possibility of receiving poor-quality traffic and that allows you to pay only for conversions.

The cons: Guys, choose several geos in the SmartCPA campaign, please!

Happy earnings!"


Ana Affbank

Written by

Ana Affbank

Hi! I'm Ana and I work with Affbank partners. Let me know how I can help you grow - [email protected] 

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