[Case Study] Offer:  Green CARD with push ad formats – ROI 73%

[Case Study] Offer:  Green CARD with push ad formats – ROI 73%

If you are doing Affiliate Marketing, especially Media Buying and you feel that you need to have some “exotica” in your life, and you really want to stay away from weight-loss means , hemorrhoid creams, Titan gels or money Amulet – so this case is for you:


Lottery to win an American Green Card - put some exotica and extra profit to your Affiliate life.


Offer is a good one, where they provide the rather fast approve, so let it be – I will share with you my way to earn.


Green Card Affiliate Offers on Affbank


Affiliate Network: Mobytize

Offer: 807208 - Green Card Lottery Experts

Source: PropellerAds

GEO: Kazakhstan

Spent: $283

Earned: $489

Profit: $206

Time of running: 24th of July -2nd of Sep


About Affiliate Network: Although Mobytize is not my favorite Network for many reasons, but they have tons of offers for Russia and CIS countries, that’s why I can’t stop working with them.

As for my Traffic source, I work with PropellerAds during a long time, I have already a good relationship with their Affiliate Team, and they help me a lot with building my black and white lists. Guys, accept my respect ^^


[Check Mobytize profile and PropellerAds profile ]


What about an Offer?


We all know that USA makes the Green Card lottery, which is rather popular between people who rave about the “American dream” and was raised by TV and movies with Thomas Cruise and Brad Pitt. That will be our Target Audience. Which is everywhere in the world :)

This offer has simple conditions: users only need to fill out the registration  form.

Here you are the Network conditions:


ID 807208 - Green Card Lottery Experts

(!) To get the payout for this offer – you’ll need to send 50 leads (in first 30 days). Otherwise, you won’t be paid.

Platform: WEB/MOB

Description: Every year, the “Diversity Visa” (DV program) makes around 50k visa for people from around the world.

Goal: Registration SOI

Restrictions: Incent, fraud, adult, Facebook, Instagram, SMS

User flow: Filling out the registration form with the correct info on the website


Once I saw this offers, I instantly had a thought about push notifications.


The format SOI it more than reliable to CPC bidding!



Campaigns and epic fail


Push notifications have plenty of settings, I tested all types of pushes, that’s bad. Don’t do this way.

I started from testing RU GEO (settings: desktop, with 1/12 frequency,  User activity targeting – low, and the push was without the banner) – for RU traffic payouts are higher, so what a failure I've turned into – 9 conversions only.

I rashly stopped this campaign and decided to test the offer for Kazakhstan GEO – this is that one of GEO’s mentioned in Affiliate Network. I had a little hope, but surprisingly I discovered Kazakhstan as one of the sweet place for Affiliate Marketers (and their magic creams)

Here the most interesting things are coming.


I started 2 campaigns for KZ GEO, for Mobile (Android), but with different frequency.

For the first one  push will appear 3 times per day (1/8) with the User Activity Targeting – HIGH.

And for the second one I set up the frequency – once a day, and the User Activity LOW.


I also set up the recommended bid - $0,015, it was suggested by the system. For the second campaign – I choosen the bid 3 times less expensive - $0,005 – I don’t really want to spend a lot for the users with low activity rate.


Creatives and Targeting.


It wasn't a big job with building the creative materials: quick research on Google and I found the moost formulaic images that you ever seen (push with banner)

These are was used during my 2 campaigns:

For the icon - Statue of Liberty, what can be more “American”?

And…how do you like this:

For the banner – the American passport behind the American Flag. Great idea!

There was need to put the header and the main text for the push.

I put the text in Kazakh of course. Don’t hesitate guys to use other languages, even exotics sometimes. That could increase your conversion rate to the next level for the same offer.

So the text was:

АҚШ-қа көшуді армандайсыз ба? – Are you dreaming to visit USA?

АҚШ-қа көшуді армандайсыз ба? – Check what you need to start…


I sent the traffic to the landing in English language, because for whose who apply for the GreenCard – english language it is a must skill. It actually reduces the amount of conversions that I expected, BUT the quality of leads was higher.

Let me make a suggestion that the landing page in Kazakh will have more conversions, but I decided to try it later.





59 of my leads are still on approving. Let’s go guys, I am awaiting!

These stats are on 2 campaigns in PropellerAds dashboard: the first one (android, 1/8 frequency, high activity), the second one (android, 1/24)



As you can see, the User category with High activity rate could give you a good CTR, I ve got tons of qualify clicks for the reasonable price.

I always have in mind that the category Low it is a lost cause. But in the right hands – it can be a working scheme, truth.


As for the summary


All these campaigns were running during a month, without any rush. I have spent in total $283 and earned $489.


You can never have enough money :)  so I decided to go on my campaign, but not with Kazakhstan GEO this time (it is not the right place to earn REAL money) So I started the new campaign, with similar scheme like I described above, with the same offer but for Russia and Poland now.



In summary,  I have got $1400 (~800 are on approving right now). But it’s already another story.

Have a good traffic flow guys. Well, that’s it for me.


We have found other similar offers for you to promote this way on Affbank Offers list, check them out!

 Green Card

provided by Bitterstrawberry


Combate Greencard 

provided by Adgatemedia





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Mr. Affiliate

I am an online Marketer since 2013, worked already for many global Networks, earned big cash and ready to share with you some of my working schemes.

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