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OctoTracker is Russian professional tracking system for media buyers and affiliates.

ExpertMobi is now formed partnership with OctoTracker. It means no manual setting-up of the parameters, as our postback URL template is already pre-set in OctoTracker.

A rich set of universal tools and unique functions, as well as friendly technical support makes this service an indispensable tool in managing traffic flows and creating most profitable campaigns.

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Reviews (2)

They are good system for media

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4 years ago

As for the tracker, I can say a lot of good things. First, the interface is user-friendly and does not hurt the eyes, everything is clear from the first time, second it is easy to use - it is easy to link prelends, splits are easy to make, bundles can be analyzed in the flexible reports - also a pleasure.

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5 years ago

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