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Wire, Paypal, Other, Epayments, Webmoney, Paxum
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30 billion
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Wingoads is a global ad network that offers solutions for publishers, advertisers and media partners worldwide.

Wingoads offers:
High quality traffic for your offers, real-time monitoring and optimization. Variety of targeting options: Geo, Operating System, Type of device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop ), carrier / Wi-Fi, etc.
Minimum deposit only 50 USD!
Online support

For Publishers we offer great opportunities to monetize your traffic. Personal account manager. Regular payouts twice a month. High eCPM rates. Various offers worldwide. Real-time statistic dashboard. 

Quick and easy sign up. Account approval is instant. 

Some of our top verticals at the moment are, amongst others: Mainstream, Adult, Games, Gambling, Utilities, Mobile subscriptions, Web, etc.



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100% inframe bot traffic disaster

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