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Amobee - it is a world marketing network which serves global brands and agencies to reach their audience and make the entire analysis of their interests.

Amobee main feautures:

- Publisher Accountability Program;
- Platform-wide fraud protections;
- Easy integration with such global platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more;
- Handy to plan and active cross-channel, programmatic media campaigns;
- Omnichannel platform that plan and buy across the media channels, device types and formats
- Real time reports which allow marketers gain the insights and move the business forward

With Amobee, you can easily filter sources which are working and which are not working and why and push it ahead!

Once you create an account with Amobee you will get dedicated experienced Manager who will help you the best.

If you have any other questions or suggestions before sign up, please use the contacts above to contact Amobee Team.

Check also reviews about Amobee and the Information section to check their Pricing Models, Advertising Formats and Targeting options.


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