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Tapad is a marketing technology company that runs through identity-driven solutions. The Tapad Graph is the key element of this platform and it represents a cross-device digital identity graph, created by the Tapad Team. It is fueled by probabilistic device data with deterministic signals and it combines brands with devices that belong to unique customers.

The Tapad Team is guided by five essential beliefs:

  • Courage - in order to experiment and take calculated risks
  • Ownership - don’t assume anyone else is doing the job, you have to be 100% part of it
  • Collaboration - Tapad is team-focused and believes that users should work together in order to achieve common goals.
  • Trust - you will earn trust by being transparent and by taking the right decisions.

If you have any questions regarding what Pricing Models they offer, their Targeting Options and Advertising Formats, reach for the Information section. Also, if you want to join the Tapad Network, click on - Join Now! Don’t forget to get back on Affbank to leave a review about Tapad.


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