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LaunchBit was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Yin and Jenifer Chin with the mission of helping B2B marketers generate more leads from target audiences.

Being partner with LaunchBit, you'll have access to a target inventory including Entrepreneurs, Programmers, Small Business Owners, and so on with a minimum budget. LaunchBit is also integrated with a premium inventory of blogs and email newsletters. Its non-standard IAB formats that have been used by its partners can boost click-through-rates up to 18% and boost the engagement of a typical display ad 10 times. These formats are native-esque so they can integrate the ad into the audience's experience.

LaunchBit dashboard will provide you with real-time statistics of each campaign. You ad performance will be shown as in individual publishers, which helps you to exclude publishers with poor results. If you have any problems regarding analyzing results and optimizing campaigns, LaunchBit's support team are always ready to assist.

You can check LaunchBit reviews on Affbank and ask LaunchBit Team any question by using the contacts above, especially about how to earn money!


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