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Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE), the top webcam affilicate program, provides our customers with the high-end streams and services, professional models, latest and coolest design and suitable white-label solutions. With AWE, atractive affiliate commissions are offered: 35-45% Revshare and Lifetime, and 35-45% on the Whitelabel sites, according to domain tracking. What’s more? Customers are enjoying the feature that AWE sends them payouts on a regular basis, puctually and reliably. Our customers choose to receive their earnings through a wide range of money-saving payment methods: Firstchoice Pay, ePayService or US paper check. With an experienced team of digital platform, we are always reaching and even exceeding our partners’expectations.

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Yo trabajo con ellos tanto por CPC como por CPM con 2 páginas web. En CPC yo recibo pagos cada 2 o 3 semanas, Para CPM yo usaba taboola, ellos pagan después de 3 meses, Adnow siempre me paga por CPM por adelantado :)

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Bons site de pub et avec de très bons GAINS.

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