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[CPL-Survey] Multigeo Survey Your opinion V2Adscend Media AU +3$1.1
[SOI-Insurance] US Medicare AssistanceAdscend Media US$0.6
INCENT Year Supply Of Coke Email Submit Desktop/Mobile USAdscend Media US$0.85
The New Paper US CPAAdscend Media US$1.45
INCENT SuperSave Makeup Samples Full Form DesktopAdscend Media US$1.5
INCENT Sephora PLAY! Email Submit Desktop/Mobile USAdscend Media US$1.55
INCENT Starburst VS. Skittles Email Submit Desktop/Mobile USAdscend Media US$1.55
INCENT Pokemon Trainer Quiz US MobileAdscend Media US$0.35
Research Project: Type 2 Diabetes Patient USAdscend Media US$3.6
Unlimited Survey Router Multi GeoAdscend Media MX +9$0.7
Aldi Bags - SOI - DEAdscend Media DE$1.4
Win DM Voucher - SOI - DEAdscend Media DE$1.4
Lindt Valentine - SOI - DEAdscend Media DE$1.4
[SOI-Sweeps] US Get $500 Amazon Gift Card for Holiday ShopingAdscend Media US$2.1
Roblox Sweepstakes US SOIAdscend Media US$0.6
Zen SurveysAdscend Media AU +5$0.6
Maybelline - SOI - NZAdscend Media NZ$1.22
Maybelline - SOI - ESAdscend Media ES$0.55
Maybelline - SOI - AUAdscend Media AU$1.2
Maybelline - SOI - FRAdscend Media FR$0.55
Maybelline - SOI - PLAdscend Media PL$0.55
Pampers - SOI - GBAdscend Media UK$0.85
Pampers - SOI - AUAdscend Media AU$1.2
[SOI-Sweeps] UK XBox Store £100 voucherAdscend Media UK$1.2
Pampers - SOI - NZAdscend Media NZ$1.2
Dodot - SOI - ESAdscend Media ES$0.55
Huggies- SOI - MXAdscend Media MX$0.25
Pampers - SOi - FRAdscend Media FR$0.55
Pampers - SOI - PLAdscend Media PL$0.55
Survey Junkie Pulse (Incent) USAdscend Media US$5.5

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