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NordVPN - (Android Phone, CPI, Multi Geo)Adscend Media AE +15$0.14
Steady - iOS - US - CPRAdscend Media US$1
Steady - Android - US - CPRAdscend Media US$1.11
SheIn_IOS_CPI_MYAdscend Media MY$0.23
SheIn_iOS_CPI-MXAdscend Media MX$0.18
Shupperz CPI USAdscend Media US$1.5
SheIn_IOS_CPI_SAAdscend Media SA$0.31
Mon E.Leclerc- CPI- Android- FRAdscend Media FR$0.23
Casino Gioco Digitale - iOS - ITAdscend Media IT$25.6
Gioco Digitale Scommesse - iOS - ITAdscend Media IT$12.8
Iyzico -CPI-iOS-TRAdscend Media TR$0.13
Bubble Pop Master - iOS - CAAdscend Media CA$0.64
Shinsegae TV Shopping - iOS - KRAdscend Media KR$0.13
Welcome Savings Bank CPA KR AndroidAdscend Media KR$1.32
iFland - iOS - THAdscend Media TH$0.06
Chief Almighty T1 Android CPE Multi GeoAdscend Media AU +3$42.5
FastJobs CPR Android MYAdscend Media MY$0.28
Lazada CPI Android PHAdscend Media PH$0.47
구름의 땅- CPI-iOS-KRAdscend Media KR$1.63
Tango -com.sgiggle.production_CPI-Android-TRAdscend Media TR$0.31
Crypto iOS CPI ITAdscend Media IT$2
OLP - Android - CPI-PHAdscend Media PH$0.17
Lazada-Android-CPI-VNAdscend Media VN$0.43
Navi AOS IN CPIAdscend Media IN$0.16
Crypto AOS CPI ITAdscend Media IT$0.65
Crypto AOS CPI FRAdscend Media FR$0.33
Finance Survey Android Tier1 CPL- UKAdscend Media UK$0.14
Finance Survey Android Tier1 CPL- AUAdscend Media AU$0.26
Finance Survey Android Tier1 CPL- CAAdscend Media CA$0.23
Finance Survey Android Tier1 CPL- USAdscend Media US$0.2

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