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Roku casino ("First Deposit PT ASO")Advertise AU +2$90.76
Casino Champion ("First deposit (SEO)")Advertise RU$60
ZAR Casino ("First Deposit")Advertise ZA$40
Grand Rush casino ("First Deposit AU, NZ, US ( BL20)")Advertise AU +2$210
Casino Champion ("First deposit (ASO)")Advertise RU$55
Casino Champion ("First deposit (e-mail)")Advertise RU$45
Casino Champion ("First deposit (PPC)")Advertise RU$57
IZZI Casino (UA) ("First deposit (мин. деп. 100 UAH.) - iOS, ASO")Advertise UA$60
IZZI Casino (UA) ("First deposit (мин. деп. 100 UAH.) - cross-brand, PPC")Advertise UA$45
IZZI Casino (UA) ("First deposit (min.dep. 50 UAH.) - iOS, ASO")Advertise UA$45
IZZI Casino (UA) ("First deposit (min.dep. 50 UAH.) - cross-brand, PPC")Advertise UA$37
IZZI Casino (UA) ("First deposit (min. dep. 100 UAH) - Email, SMS")Advertise UA$40
IZZI Casino (UA) ("First deposit (min. dep. 50 UAH) - Email, SMS")Advertise UA$35
IZZI Casino (KZ) ("First deposit (min. dep. 1000 KZT) - Email, SMS")Advertise KZ$35
IZZI Casino (KZ) ("First deposit (min. dep. 2000 KZT) - Email, SMS")Advertise KZ$40
IZZI Casino (KZ) ("First deposit (min.dep. 1000 KZN.) - cross-brand, PPC")Advertise KZ$37
IZZI Casino (KZ) ("First deposit (min.dep. 1000 KZT.) - iOS, ASO")Advertise KZ$40
IZZI Casino (KZ) ("First deposit (мин. деп. 2000 KZT.) - cross-brand, PPC")Advertise KZ$45
IZZI Casino (KZ) ("First deposit (мин. деп. 2000 KZT.) - iOS, ASO")Advertise KZ$60
Tortuga casino ("First Deposit CA, FR")Advertise CA +1$192.86
СберАгент ("Attracting an active agent")Advertise RU$4.51
Cashalot Casino ("First deposit (DE, DK, NO, FI, CA, NZ, SH, IT)")Advertise CA +12$170
Cashalot Casino ("First deposit (RU, UA)")Advertise CA +12$35
Cashalot Casino ("First deposit (PT, ES, HU)")Advertise CA +12$140
CODDY ("Paid order (new client)")Advertise RU20%
CODDY ("Paid order (old client)")Advertise RU10%
Зоозавр ("Paid order with a promo code")Advertise RU4%
Зоозавр ("Paid order (cashback traffic)")Advertise RU8%
Зоозавр ("Paid order")Advertise RU10%
PokerOK (CIS) ("First deposit(Target FB, target social, My target, Tik Tok)")Advertise AM +9$50

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