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Description is a CPA affiliate network created by a team of professionals whose experience has allowed to develop a unique platform bringing together the interests of webmasters and advertisers. The unicity of this network is in its own traffic quality control system which no one else offers. Due to the detailed analysis, the advertiser receives only high-quality traffic and he doesn't have to pay any longer for any kind of markups and bot traffic from low-quality sources. So the advertiser pays only for the result! The webmaster also has many benefits from working with this CPA affiliate network. can propose absolutely unique offers on exclusive terms. The highest rates, convenient, detailed and rapid statistics for each action, flexible terms, the development of new exclusive promotional materials, a wide range of tools, discounts and benefits for popular services. takes care of their reputation and puts a focus on high standards of running business. Their customers are not just partners, they are part of the team in the same way and common goals.

Network offers

Росгосстрах (КАСКО) ("Подтвержденный заказ (КАСКО)") RU$6.97
Qlean ("Уборка после ремонта (реновации)") RU$15.26
Qlean ("Уборка в офисе") RU$17.29
БК Олимп (iOS) ("Регистрация") RU$3
Pokerdom (Android-казино) ("Первый депозит") RU$50
Pokerdom (Android) ("Первый депозит") RU$50
СКБ-банк ("Выданный кредит "Простой и удобный"") RU$69.66
Home credit (дебетовая карта "Польза") ("Выданная карта") RU$26.31 (android) ("Установка и вход") RU$0.31 (iOS) ("Установка и вход") RU$0.39
Navsegda (SOI 30+) ("Регистрация (SOI)") AM AZ BY 8+$2
Утконос ("Оплаченный заказ (старый клиент)") RU$0.77
Утконос ("Оплаченный заказ (новый клиент)") RU15%
Home credit (дебетовая карта "Польза") ("Выданная карта по которой произошла транзакция") RU$26.31
Home credit (карта рассрочки "Свобода") ("Выданная карта") RU$47.98
Hansgrohe ("Оплаченный заказ") RU4%
BLACK+DECKER ("Оплаченный заказ более 15 000 руб.") RU$15.17
BLACK+DECKER ("Оплаченный заказ до 15 000 руб.") RU6.52%
DeWALT ("Оплаченный заказ до 15 000 руб.") RU6.52%
DeWALT ("Оплаченный заказ более 15 000 руб.") RU$15.17

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