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Solitaire Tour - iOS - USAdscend Media US$0.29
Everyday Winner $500 Gift Card US SOIAdscend Media US$0.65
Dream holiday £5000 SOI- UKAdscend Media UK$0.65
Iphone 14 DE SOIAdscend Media DE$0.65
Coca Cola DE SOIAdscend Media DE$0.65
Everyday Winner Amazon $500 Gift Card US SOIAdscend Media US$0.65
Wolt IOS CPA PLAdscend Media PL$0.13
Glucose Monitor -CPA- USAdscend Media US$2.6
Credit.com Credit Monitoring - CPA-USAdscend Media US$2.6
Ez link - CPL - SGAdscend Media SG$0.81
Cornhole League-And_Phone-CPI-CAAdscend Media CA$0.29
Cornhole League-And_Phone-CPI-DEAdscend Media DE$0.16
Dove Tester_ SOI SGAdscend Media SG$0.98
Wolt IOS CPA DEAdscend Media DE$0.13
My Area Deals: Starbucks Gift Card - DEAdscend Media DE$0.16
My Area Deals: Diffusore - ITAdscend Media IT$0.16
My Area Deals: YRoch 200 - ESAdscend Media ES$0.16
Cornhole League-And_Phone-CPI-GBAdscend Media UK$0.26
My Area Deals: Get an HVAC Upgrade- USAdscend Media US$0.16
PointsBet_CA_Ontario_iOS_CPAAdscend Media CA$75
PointsBet_CA_Ontario_Android_CPAAdscend Media CA$75
Grant Aid Authority-Desktop - SOI - USAdscend Media US$0.65
Financial Aid Authority-Desktop- SOI - USAdscend Media US$0.65
Hintsters - Surveys - DOI -ARAdscend Media AR$0.59
Galaxy Note 20 -Desktop - ESAdscend Media ES$0.39
Hintsters - DOI -Desktop - MXAdscend Media MX$0.78
iSurveyWorld - DOI - Desktop - MXAdscend Media MX$0.78
CHRISTIN Horoscope-Desktop - MXAdscend Media MX$0.23
Mystic Mansion (iOS) - CPE - Multi USAdscend Media US$5.14
Mystic Mansion (Android) - CPE - Multi USAdscend Media US$5.14

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