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SDB - iPhone 11 Pro ESAdscend Media ES$7
Gamesewin - PS5 ITAdscend Media IT$6.4
Speakup - Survey Blue CLAdscend Media CO$0.17
Speakup - Survey Yellow NZAdscend Media NZ$0.35
NectarContests - Cadbury BEAdscend Media BE$0.84
NectarContests - iPhone 11 Pro NLAdscend Media NL$1.26
iPhone 11 Pro Gold ITAdscend Media IT$11.7
Amordolce - iPhone 11 Pro CAAdscend Media CA$8.4
SDB - iPhone 11 Pro PTAdscend Media PT$7
Current Rewards Android App DEAdscend Media DE$0.35
NectarContests - Cadbury AUAdscend Media AU$1.82
FunBreak - PlayStation 5 GBAdscend Media UK$0.7
FunBreak - Wetherspoon GBAdscend Media UK$0.7
Snibble iPhone App USAdscend Media US$0.25
HAGO Android App VNAdscend Media VN$0.07
The Ultimate Rent to Own Program USAdscend Media US$0.42
Squared iOS App SAAdscend Media SA$0.21
Brigit iOS App USAdscend Media US$0.84
Brainer MULTIGEOAdscend Media AU +6$2.75
Cool Cars Gallery USAdscend Media US$0.14
Deutsche Bank España Android App ESAdscend Media ES$0.11
Get a Monster Energy Pack DEAdscend Media DE$0.56
War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn Android App CA/USAdscend Media CA +1$2.75
CarZoom - Auto Financing USAdscend Media US$0.88
Winmarketing - Lidl + Linens Pack DEAdscend Media DE$1.26
Harvest Land iPhone App CAAdscend Media CA$2.38
Winmarketing - Playstation 5 DEAdscend Media DE$1.26
Winmarketing - Aldi Supermarket 5X100 Eur DEAdscend Media DE$1.26
Ten Things That You Didn't Know About Halloween US,CAAdscend Media CA +1$0.24
10 min survey, age 18-30 USAdscend Media US$0.91

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