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Rizzle - Short Videos Android App USAdscend Media US$0.08
Resume Coach VEAdscend Media VE$3.15
Yunar iOS App ESAdscend Media ES$0.29
Yunar Android App ESAdscend Media ES$0.29
Amazon Card GBAdscend Media UK$0.39
Resume Coach ARAdscend Media AR$3.15
Resume Coach BRAdscend Media BR$3.15
Resume Coach COAdscend Media CO$3.15
Resume Coach MXAdscend Media MX$3.15
Resume Coach PEAdscend Media PE$3.15
Disney Heroes Android App USAdscend Media US$1.47
Empower Finance USAdscend Media US$3.43
Zirtue Lend and Borrow money on Your Terms Android App USAdscend Media US$0.49
Zirtue Lend and Borrow money on Your Terms iOS App USAdscend Media US$0.49
Resume Coach USAdscend Media US$3.15
Resume Coach CAAdscend Media CA$3.15
Resume Coach AUAdscend Media AU$3.15
Disney Heroes iOS App USAdscend Media US$1.47
Colorful Entertainment Strawberry Android App RUAdscend Media RU$1.4
Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel (Spanish) - USAdscend Media US$19.6
Privacy.com USAdscend Media US$3.5
Plane Defence - iOS - NZAdscend Media NZ$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - PTAdscend Media PT$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - SEAdscend Media SE$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - SGAdscend Media SG$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - IEAdscend Media IE$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - ITAdscend Media IT$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - JPAdscend Media JP$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - NLAdscend Media NL$0.05
Plane Defence - iOS - NOAdscend Media NO$0.05

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