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Magic The Gathering: Arena (Desktop) CHAdscend Media CH$1.3
Magic The Gathering: Arena (Desktop) ATAdscend Media AT$1.3
Magic The Gathering: Arena (Desktop) FIAdscend Media FI$1.3
Wallzy Pro - Personal UHD Wallpapers Android App BDAdscend Media BD$0.14
Magic The Gathering: Arena (Desktop) DEAdscend Media DE$1.3
Krispy Kreme Supply USAdscend Media US$0.84
Wallzy Pro - Personal UHD Wallpapers Android App RUAdscend Media RU$0.14
Volkswagen Golf ATAdscend Media AT$0.84
Volkswagen Golf CHAdscend Media CH$0.84
Zoodinos Magazine for Kids USAdscend Media US$1.29
Wallzy Pro - Personal UHD Wallpapers Android App THAdscend Media TH$0.14
CyberGhost VPN & WiFi Proxy iPhone App USAdscend Media US$0.36
Volkswagen Golf DEAdscend Media DE$0.84
Gimme More Sherlock Holmes Quiz WWAdscend Media WW$0.08
QuickThoughts iOS App CHAdscend Media CH$1.05
QuickThoughts iOS App ATAdscend Media AT$1.05
QuickThoughts iOS App DKAdscend Media DK$1.93
QuickThoughts iOS App SEAdscend Media SE$1.23
RushCard USAdscend Media US$1.75
Nielsen Beta Panel USAdscend Media US$4.2
Video games survey, 15 min, age 13+ NZAdscend Media NZ$1.33
Umfrage über Videospiele, 15 Min DEAdscend Media DE$0.88
Facebook user survey, 15 mins, 18+ PHAdscend Media PH$1.26
Video games survey, 15 min, age 13+ GBAdscend Media UK$0.81
Deutsche Telekom - Angrillen DEAdscend Media DE$0.81

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