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Mobusi is a technology media company with an expertise in performance advertising. Mobusi offers advertisers the opportunity to reach their performance goals using a wide variety of traffic sources including direct publishers, media buying, RTB and affiliation. It is one of the most valued mobile agencies worldwide, delivering over 270 million clicks a day, generating 550,000 daily conversions in more than 5,000 active worldwide campaigns. We lead by providing CPI. CPA, CPL and CPC services for more than 1.500 advertisers, agencies and developers. In addition to this, we integrate incredibly well with the user’s behaviour - we are able to show them the right Ad at the right time for unmatched eCPMs.

We have offices in Madrid (HQ), Mexico City and Los Angeles.

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Since I've first started to work with Tapgerine nothin have changed. They are st...

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Ramin Singh


I love to work with the best teams only. And CPI Traffic is one of the best. It'...

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