Network details
Minimum Payment
100 $
Payment Type
Payment Frequency
Net-15, Net-30, Weekly
Payment Method
Wire, Payoneer, Epayments
Tracking Software
Games, E-commerce, Finance


Mintegrated is no newbie when it comes to delivering golden results to our global clients. Employing the latest technologies for mobile marketing analytics and tracking, we know what traffic will drive the right outcomes. Advertisers benefit from our in-app video delivery solution and reach their target customers, while publishers can choose the most suitable ad format to engage their audience.


Reviews (7)

Ashley Richardson

I have recently started to work with the affiliate networks. That’s why such things as a clear interface and a support team, which is able to explain lots of details to me, are extremely important factors. Minte Grated satisfies all my requirements.

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6 months ago


Most of all I like the support team. They are always helpful and answer on time. And their offers are great!

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7 months ago


I want to say thanks to MinteGrated for such good offers and helpful support! I love you guys!

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8 months ago


My friend suggested me to join this network and I never regretted. There lots of offers to choose from and till now everything’s converting pretty well.

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9 months ago


My favorite network! Working with them for 1 year! Perfect account manager, regular payouts

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10 months ago


they are very easy to work with

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10 months ago


I’m a newbie in this, but this guys always ready to help and give some advices. And of course, good offers.

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11 months ago

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