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20 $
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Webmoney, Credit Card, Crypto wallets, Qiwi Wallet, YandexMoney
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The affiliate program offers unique solutions for your traffic in the most profitable verticals: Gambling, Betting and Binary Options.

Stop competing in old offers!

We offer fresh GEOs with a clean player base who are eager to drain the dough and help you make money!

Do you remember how gambling was pouring in 2015?

These emotions from the "Profit" button cannot be forgotten! DO YOU WANT THE SAME? Start traffic to our exclusives and get extra profit in countries with low competition and cheap CPM!

CpaToday is an affiliate program from affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers! We have been pouring traffic ourselves since 2008 and we know what webmasters need for confident and RELIABLE work.Founders and management regularly shine in the tops of various affiliate programs in all verticals - we have won a lot of competitions from TOP advertisements, so we have very close contact with the products that we represent.  Of course, we have personal managers, webmasters support 24/7 and all the necessary tools: detailed statistics, postbacks and other must-have set.

Why is it RELIABLE with us?

Our BL has passed 1000+ long ago and confidently turned blue about 5 years ago - we have money even in case of the construction of national firewalls, even the apocalypse.We guarantee stable payments• Once a week.• EARLY (on request, at least every day)• If you are a beginner and there is not enough turnover - we will help, but more on that later


We give out iOS and Google play applications to our webmasters just like that, forget about renting!• Aggressive game design (good CR in install)• Pushes are localized, tested and fly on autopilot (powerful catch-up)• Optimization for events (fill in the traffic of those who send)• Deep links and transparent statistics (traffic without losses) 


We understand how important a high CTR on any source is, so our team of designers and video editors is constantly working on good creatives.We are engaged in analytics of hype sporting events and track bright news feeds that will help you quickly launch an advertising campaign, even without experience in betting.Well, if you want to shoot a video for a top Capper or a casino destroyer who found a vulnerability in the system, we will show you which creos will convert better and show you successful examples from our own practice.Stop stealing wrung out creo from spy-tools, work with fresh!


Do you know what "schemes" are, do you understand how to build a funnel in telegrams and warm up the players? Welcome!We will even tell you how best to personalize and help you improve the scripts. DISCOVER THEMES!Right now, we are getting a nice profit from one secret GEO, and we are doing it very creatively.BUT! We do this not only to cut money for a new Cadillac, but also to teach you how to do the same!Very soon we will launch our Blog and YouTube channel, in which we will share the hottest cases of our own production!


• We increase bids after the test (instant feedback from advertising on a dedicated line)• Transfer traffic from another partner network and get a bonus (for details, contact your personal manager)

We know from our own how difficult it is for young webmasters to start!You've found an awesome bundle - it gives 100500 ROI on your creo and source, and you can't believe what you see in the stat.Of course, you order a payment and properly wash it with beauties, or just make a long-desired purchase to please yourself)And what is the bottom line? There is no turnover or it is minimal and you have to start all over again ...But we know that you give hope to fly to the top of the Tops;)Show that you are worthy and we will support you at the right time.WE - CREDIT (without certificates, guarantors and interest)

And yet, we have no competitors! We perceive ourselves as a part of the CPA ecosystem and are friends with other partner networks, so we are open to any collaborations and joint projects.If our approach is close to you - fly into our sincere company and make sure that we have a special approach to webmasters!

Make money with CPA TODAY!

P.S. and if suddenly you are a Girl-webmaster, register with us and pour traffic, we are especially proud of you and want to pay a compliment!Write to your manager - champagne just to make you feel good.


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Telegram @IvanCpatoday

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