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Minimum Payment
2000 $
Payment Type
Payment Frequency
Payment Method
Wire, Bitcoin
Tracking Software

The community of chosen ones

With a CPA network, the webmaster becomes rich. With a group of like-minded people, he transforms into an unstoppable force. We are the community that unlock growth.

Club rules

If our club had rules, they would serve the idea of favoring efficiency over traditions. If the club had a chief or a president, he would serve only one purpose – “to f*ck off”.

1 of the 20 webmasters

Our webmasters ride the wave of consumer capitalism. They push people to the edge where buying is the only option. They dream of getting big and come to the club for help. This how we`ve created a community of chosen ones.

When to join the club like this?

Answer this question sincerely first:

Do you spend days and nights half-asleep, staring absent-mindedly at your traffic?

Answer 1: Spoilers ahead!

The positive answer is a pain in the ass. But affiliate-support team will handle that easily. They will show how to use a club`s in-house CRM & tracker dashboard. You`ll be taught to use live sell stats from the advertiser and appropriate TA content.

Answer 2: Is this about you?

Then you make less and less effort on your ROIs. You know the needs of more than one target audience. You`re looking for partners to chase big waves effectively and safely. In that case, Aff Сlub offers:

  • Exotic GEOs;
  • New pre-landers;
  • Exclusive advertisers;
  • Native-speaking offers;
  • Live comments on the lead progress.

Drop the mic or finance niche experience

Check the internet on most of the financial topics. Blogs, articles, offers, more blogs, statistics.

Reading about money = making money.

Or not. Who cares?! FACT: people read about money like reading addicts. This is what our members give them.

Club`s text dealer

His texts look pretty good. They sound like somebody`s whispering “m-m-money” in your ears. They taste like apple pie and smell like God`s vagina. Mmm... Delicious.

Get more yummy things on our website.



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I will sell your you products without any problems by God grace

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2 months ago


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2 years ago

Perfect site.

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2 years ago

Site nao abre.....

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2 years ago

Very good

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3 years ago


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3 years ago


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3 years ago

Very cool

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3 years ago

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