Working with Dating offers? Pwa store is the best solution.

Working with Dating offers? Pwa store is the best solution.

What are PWA applications? Pwa apps is a technology that allows any website to be transformed into an app. A player will be able to add that site to their phone's desktop in one click and use it as an app. The PWA app is essentially an imitation of an app from the AppStore. The unique feature of the PWA app is that it cannot be banned. In addition to all this, we can create an app that is identical in design to the product you are working with.

Dating is a service for finding partners with different end goals.  If we talk about the revenues of this vertical, by the end of 2020, it was more than $120 million, and it is only increasing every time.

According to the latest data, on average, about 310 million people use dating services and that number is growing. From this, we can conclude that this is not just a profitable vertical, but also quite voluminous!

During the pandemic, an industry like a webcam has also become very popular - essentially a site with girls or men (depending on the user's preference) who film themselves and show 18+ content.

A few numbers. For example, one of the most famous resources - pornhub, site has about 2.8 billion visitors. Also now are gaining popularity adult games and a little bit of insight, over the past few years, the sale of toys with the theme of an adult has increased almost 3 times. This means that this market will only grow, and people's needs in this market will be more and more sophisticated

So how does the PWA app help us?

This is a universal solution if you work with sources like Google/Facebook/TikTok.

  1. Passing moderation without any problems.
  2. The user sees an application identical in design to the product, which increases the quality of traffic. Also, the user always has the application on his phone, which allows him to visit it more often.
  3. We can also send push notifications which also affect the quality of traffic. If you want, we can upload your push notifications.
  4. PWA app is not banned.
  5. With our bot and 24/7 support, launching on PWA apps takes no more than 15 minutes.

With our service, you can work not only with dating, but also gambling/betting/crypto/e-commerce, etc., and any other verticals where it's important for the user to be active again

For more information on how to work with our service, you can read in this manual -

I would also like to add that a huge team of professionals worked on the creation of the PWA applications service: the owner and the inspirer, developers, designers, copywriters, marketing experts. Everyone who took part in the development and creation of the service has been working in the affiliate marketing field for a long time, he knows the market, his needs, what every affiliate lack. Market experts have created a service that allows you to do it!

Especially for you.

From the best for the best!

Any questions? Write👇🏻
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