Why is PWA a great solution for any white verticals/offers?

Why is PWA a great solution for any white verticals/offers?

PWA for white verticals is a unique solution where you can increase sales and retention.

What are PWA apps, how do they work, and what kind of metrics are affected?

PWA apps are an application that completely imitates the original site with all of its features. Once you've downloaded PWA, it will appear on your home screen and will be as identical as possible to your brand's logo. Then when a user clicks on the PWA app, they are taken to your product website, but without the links and think they are just using a regular app.

What verticals and products can we make PWA for?

In short, we can make PWA for any product and any vertical! The main requirement is to have a website for the product. So even if you just have a website for the sale of clothing, everyday goods, tools store, we can make PWA under this.

We can also do PWA for a specific landing page, let's say with your contact information if you are an individual entrepreneur and provide services by appointment.

What are the benefits of PWA and how can PWA affect Retention rates and increase conversions?

We now live in the world of phones and apps for them. So when we install the app and even if we do not need anything now, we can leave the app, but when we need something or are interested in push notifications from that app, we will return to it and make a purchase or any other targeted action. This accordingly reduces the loss of a lead when we don't want to buy right now.

As for Retention rate, everything is very simple, let's say a person makes a purchase on the site, then he closes the tab and loses the link to the site. The probability that he will come back to the site decreases. When in the case of the application he can easily open it and make the purchase again. So we increase Retention on the product, plus in PWA you can set up push notifications and the customer won't miss n promotion from you.


- PWA apps are fully compatible with a variety of white vertical products.
- PWA apps fully imitate the brand for which they are created.
- They are suitable for any product, brand. The main requirement is a website/link to a landing page or any other information you want people to click on.
- PWA reduces the loss of leads as they move through the sales funnel, which consequently increases CR and profits.
- PWA increases Retention, thanks to built-in push notifications
- It takes little time to create a PWA application, and we take full responsibility on our end for its maintenance and support.

With our service, you can work not only with e-commerce, but also gambling/betting/crypto/dating, etc., and any other verticals where it's important for the user to be active again

I would also like to add that a huge team of professionals worked on the creation of the PWA applications service: the owner and the inspirer, developers, designers, copywriters, marketing experts. Everyone who took part in the development and creation of the service has been working in the affiliate marketing field for a long time, he knows the market, his needs, what every affiliate lack. Market experts have created a service that allows you to do it!

Especially for you.

From the best for the best!

Any questions? Write👇🏻
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