Which offers will work for LatAm's GEO target audience in 2022 + new funnels

Which offers will work for LatAm's GEO target audience in 2022 + new funnels

Latin America is becoming an increasingly popular destination for traffic arbitrage every year. New offers, interesting approaches, actively developing GEOs and target audiences interested in advertising - LatAm has it all. 

At the same time, it is important to constantly adapt to new realities for successful conversions in this category. You can't use the same approaches for years, but which strategy to use and which offers to use in this case? We'll tell you in today's content on new funnels for LatAm!

A profile of the target audience in LatAm

The people of LatAm are very emotional, passionate, constantly wanting and striving for something. They are easily persuaded to do something, especially when it comes to buying the products we want. 

At the same time, their needs are more down-to-earth - they don't want to live in an expensive villa in the Maldives. Instead, they want a more active life with constant travelling or, on the contrary, a quieter life within a cosy family circle. The target audience for Latin America is very diverse and this is a definite plus for traffic arbitrage. Here you can always find the right clients for your offer.

Speaking specifically about the cryptocurrency industry, the locals could definitely use the money. The average salary of the richest representative of LatAm, Panama, is around $800. And while people are quite happy with such salary figures, if you offer them something more through cryptocurrency, it will definitely be received positively.

 And while we're on the subject of money, here are some other issues and approaches to the TA:

  1. Excess weight. Latin Americans are always in a hot climate and there's no way they can hide their fat behind their outer clothing. That is why slimming products with an instant effect and natural ingredients will suit them very well.
  2. The adult approach. Previously, we have already mentioned the passionate nature of Latin Americans. It is definitely worth trying to upload offers to the represented GEOs in these fields: 
  • Increased potency;
  • Improved sexual sensations;
  • Dating similarly hot girls and men.

Which resources should you upload to?

First and foremost, we recommend that you try your offers on Facebook, the most popular social network in LatAm. In second place in popularity is Google teaser advertising. In third place, we can confidently place teaser networks, and as an additional option, we recommend uploading to applications in the LatAm GEO. 

As for specific approaches, we can recommend the following ideas: 

  1. A news-based approach. For example, the banner could feature "shocking facts that the government has been hiding from the masses". In the piece itself, focus on new methods of making money with cryptocurrency. Note that you need a maximum clickbait headline for a good conversion in such ads.
  2. Success Story. Since the approach itself is not new, you can take the best from it and mould something more interesting. First, take the story of an ordinary working man, to leave the effect of earthliness for the TA. Secondly, replace stacks of money and a mansion in Bali with screenshots of transactions, financial manipulation of the market, and so on. That is, try to tie the story to reality and prove everything with +- genuine creatives.
  3. Playing with stocks. This approach is a fresh one and appeared in arbitrage recently amidst the popularity of investments on the market. There are plenty of ideas for working with them - for example, we can turn everything in the direction of conspiracy in the spirit of "for a long time business tycoons have been keeping this from you".

Otherwise, much depends on the specific type of offers and the GEO. Here are some of the best options for 2022:

  • Quantum AI. The offer positions itself as a trading bot to help make money on stocks. The company assures customers that the bot runs on quantum computing and can calculate even the sharpest market shifts;
  • Tesler App. Here, the greater emphasis is on a large number of trading tools and a free licence for anyone wishing to make money.
  • Bitcoin UP. A service for analysing the financial market and giving users trading signals. The developers of artificial intelligence note its fast learning and the accuracy of the results it produces.

All of these promotions work in Spanish and are already quite popular with LatAm's target audience. It's definitely worth trying them out in: 

  • Brazil (214 million people), the largest country in South America;
  • Bolivia (12 million people), a GEO with a small population but a fairly high standard of living;
  • Panama (4.5 million people), a rapidly developing country in Central America;
  • Uruguay (3.5 million people), a place with a young and very active, deep-pocketed audience;
  • Ecuador (18 million people) - a country where clients are simple and open to all types of advertising;
  • Costa Rica (5 million people) - a GEO with minimal competition and advantageous conditions for uploading;
  • El Salvador (7 million people), the first Latin American state to recognise Bitcoin as an official currency;
  • Guatemala (17.5 million people), the largest country in Central America.

Summing up

Today we once again discussed the Latin American market, the peculiarities of the local target audience and the guidelines to uploading to it. Cryptocurrency is doing great in the local GEOs and today we proved it once again.

What's more, in the article we introduced new approaches and absolutely fresh 2022 offers. Try them out and you won't go wrong for sure. And if you decide to work with apps, let us remind you that the Neogara ad network offers top applications for LatAm to each of its partners for free!   

Join Neogara and become TOP affiliate in crypto!

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