What everyone should know about push-formats

What everyone should know about push-formats

How to unleash the full potential of the selected offer?

The number of ad formats offered by advertising networks provides an impressive playing field to practice one's creative skills. But now we would like to talk about the other side of this issue when new advertising formats are not noticed or create confusion on how to utilize them.

How does the choice of format affect the success of the entire advertising campaign? It does directly affect it.

The moment a new advertising format of Push-up got introduced on Clickadu, we noticed that it quite often gets confused with push subscriptions because of the similarity of the names.

Why is this article useful? In addition to simple selfish interest, the article has an educational character. In this article, we will...

Clear away your doubts

In regard to the main idea, both formats are united by the ‘Push’ keyword, which suggests the idea of a single work algorithm, pure traffic, and good earnings.

Push-up is a native ad format. So native that it mimics the mobile dialog box.

Unlike the notifications, in order to display the ads, one does not require a subscription; users see ads while these users are using the site. Also, the formats are very different in appearance. The presence of the push-up options ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ adds to the format variation and reduces the annoyance factor.

clickadu push-up

Visually, push-up has more similarities with the style shell of the website. However, the use of the style shell will require the development of creative for each type of shell. Push-up also mimics the already finished system window.

Reveal the format's potential

Our team regularly tests new advertising formats on all available verticals in order to identify their level of efficiency with various types of traffic, bundles, and offers.

For advertisers:

  • Quality traffic is the basis of a successful advertising campaign. To test mobile traffic for validity and quality requires the least effort, our analysts use more than 36 validity algorithms. Meanwhile, the format itself requires interaction from the user in order to check he is a human.
  • Push-up is good for a whole range of verticals. At the moment, we can highlight a list of the most profitable destinations on our traffic: Ratings, APK, utilities and tools, a collection of push subscriptions, as well as nutrition. Not to be a phony, here's statistics that we gathered: 

cickadu push-up statistics

  • The creative approach is important to create an advertisement, you have 10 characters for the title and 30 characters for the advertising text. It looks quite modest, and we plan to increase these numbers, but as it turns out, our advertisers use a creative approach when it comes to the creation of effective advertising texts.

clickadu creatives for push campaigns

If you are too lazy to bother with headlines, then for all occasions ‘Confirm you are 18’ is called in for any advertising offer.

The format itself is available in both CPM and SmartCPA models with the entire targeting arsenal.


For the publishers:

  • Lack of competition for those experienced in monetization, Push-up creates a huge opportunity. The format is not overused and is sought after by advertisers.
  • The price for quality traffic - the format was developed exclusively for mobile devices, and the volume and price of mobile traffic are growing exponentially.
  • Format flexibility, among other things, push-up is easily combined with other advertising formats and is one of the options for increasing the profit of the site.

The format is profitable, less annoying, has no analogs and allows you to earn even on modest volumes. And who said that IN traffic cannot be monetized?

clickadu how to monetize indian traffic

Let's sum up

  • The only thing that is in common for Push-up and Push Notifications is the concept of “advertising format”, otherwise they are completely different and independent from each other. In addition, with the first, you can collect subscriptions for the second.
  • The format works on a number of popular verticals.
  • It has great potential and profitable rates for monetization.

clickadu push traffic

If you are looking for an exclusive advertising format with high-quality traffic for the offer or you have a good amount of mobile traffic, Clickadu push-up is the option for you.

We are looking forward to your comments and are ready to share with you some real examples of using this format.


Demian Mash | Clickadu

Written by

Demian Mash | Clickadu

Howdy folks? It's Demian, a little bit of the head of marketing in Clickadu. For any heart-warming collaborations or issues ping me - [email protected].

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