Vote CrakRevenue the #1 CPA Network

Vote CrakRevenue the #1 CPA Network

Voting is now open for mThink Blue Book’s 2022 Top 20 CPA Networks, and this is your chance to show your support. 

CPA Network CrakRevenue is once again nominated for best network worldwide, and your vote could help them climb to the #1 spot.

Last year, they maintained their position in the 5th spot, and this is their chance to climb to the top of 2022’s ranking.

Affiliates, advertisers, and industry professionals come together every year to take part in mThink’s survey in order to help determine which networks deserve their spot among the best. It’s time to make your mark and let your voice be heard.

CrakRevenue is dedicated to helping you succeed in some of the most profitable verticals including Cam, Dating, Men’s Health, Gaming, CBD, and Gambling.

Their numbers speak for themselves:

15 years of experience

160 experts

800+ exclusive & high-converting offers

$20M paid in affiliate commissions this year

5 billion monthly impressions in 190+ geos

Click here to cast your vote now. It takes less than a minute to make sure your opinion is heard and to help your favorite CPA Network reach the top.


The mThink Blue Book Survey is the largest research survey in the performance and affiliate marketing industry. Every year it identifies the top cost-per-action (CPA) and cost-per-sale (CPS) networks world-wide.

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