Variables that affect blockage before account creation. Facebook cycle (Part 2).

Variables that affect blockage before account creation. Facebook cycle (Part 2).

If you haven't read the 1 Part: "Facebook Social Score. Factors that determine the quality of a Facebook Ads profile" - no worries! Here it is:

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The level of trust towards the profile or account starts to be formed long before the moment you launch your advertising. At the same time algorithms of evaluation of the behavioral model are used. Before registering any profile, you need to earn Social Score starting points in order not to trigger a security check.

It is known that the presence of traces of activity collected by cookies and some history in Facebook Analytics allow you to safely pass registration in social networks, even with overlapping of some data with the already identified cases of blocked accounts. Try to register a new Facebook profile without having any history and you will probably have to face the unpleasant "selfie procedure".

Numerous experiments have allowed us to draw conclusions that the following circumstances directly affect the presence or absence of a Social Score account:

1) Preparation for account registration. You should take some time before registering an account (the longer the better). Facebook officially claims that it stores information about unregistered accounts for no longer than 10 days. Hence, a new device would be of maximum use to a new account if this new device keeps appearing on the radar of the social platform for 10 days before registration. Simply collect Facebook cookies and regularly visit sites that have Facebook plugins.

2) Mono device. It's better to use one smartphone or a desktop device before registration and not to transfer cookies between devices before registration. The migration of cookies only makes sense when you plan to "transfer" your account to other hardware. The reason for that is if you abruptly change your device after registration you can trigger safety procedures irrespective of the index of your Quality Score profile.

3) Site visit time. Facebook plugins and pixels on websites collect and transmit data to the platform about the pages visited, about the number of scrolls, about the mouse movements and the amount of time that the user spent on the website. For example, if you put an obvious bot to click cookies for you before you register - there'll be no Social Score for your profile at the start. Such things are better done manually.

4) Collection of cookies. It is necessarily to have all sorts of cookies from and on the device. The more cookies you collect the better. It has already been said that it is better to collect cookies and not to transfer them from another device.

5) Using anti-detection software. Emulation of the configuration of the system other than your original fingerprint is categorically not recommended. First, the configs from MLA and Linken Sphere are used by various blackhatters and there's a high probability to obtain matches with ‘naughty’ accounts. Second, they often create poor configurations which are marked as abnormal by the platform.

6) IP addresses you use before registration. Of course, Facebook has collected colossal databases about all public services such as VPN and proxy. Using such IP addresses for registration will not give you a Social Score at the start. Moreover, if your IP address matches a blocked account (and online services have bunches of them) will trigger procedures even at the stage of creation of the profile. We recommend you to use real 4G modems of mobile operators in your region. Most likely, you'll still get into matches with blocked accounts (especially if you are not new to Facebook Ads), but the existence of Social Trust will offset this problem at the start. An important point. Most 3G and 4G Internet operators use in fact the same communication equipment. In actual fact, even changing your operators, you will probably have the same IP addresses on different SIM cards.

7) Your referrer or your mobile application. Facebook does not respond very well to desktop registrations with an empty referrer. The same thing happens if the mobile Facebook app is installed on an unknown phone and registration is done immediately. A very large percentage of affiliates are actively using their iPhones to register accounts (many manage to use multiple profiles on a single device). They do it without any preparatory work. The repetition of such practices will not really affect the quality of the account at the beginning of its life. We recommend you to get to know your new Facebook account through Google Chrome. You can even write Facebook in the search bar to slow it down and then get to Facebook using the link. Then you can continue with your registration. In the eyes of algorithms, you will gain a lot more confidence points this way than if you use a newly-installed application (although it seems vice-versa).

The following parameters affect the quality of the account before it is created: the region (geo), the operating system version, hardware configuration, browser settings. However, we believe that the importance of hardware is greatly exaggerated mainly by those who use dozens of accounts. Sometimes they waste even hundreds of accounts despite the fact that their poor quality is obvious for Facebook.

This is the second article from the cycle. The previous topic is "Facebook Social Score. Factors that determine the quality of a Facebook Ads profile".



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