Top Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing Email Campaign

Top Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing Email Campaign

Email marketing is of critical importance for affiliate marketers. Smart usage of email marketing can help to achieve a uniquely high return on investment of up to 4400%. To reach your target ROI, however, you need to follow best practices based on the affiliate company and general email guidelines. These best practices include incorporating email automation tools, tracking key performance metrics and using an email verifier.     

However, achieving results in email campaigns is not as simple as just sending out a few emails a day.  Success through email marketing relies upon a few earning secrets. With that in mind, here are the top tips from affiliate marketing platform Affise on how to get started with affiliate email marketing. In a nutshell, this is how you make sure your readers get value and take the needed actions so that you can maximize your success with affiliate marketing.

Segment Your Subscribers

It is always good to expand your mailing list with thousands of subscribers, but the amount of subscribers doesn't guarantee the highest email marketing CR. As a matter of fact, the more people you send an email to, the less targeted your audience becomes. Having a long email list is essential, but you can see the results from it only if you target your audience.

As the size of your list increases, you need to segment it based on various factors to direct your affiliate marketing efforts to the right people. At the forefront, you can start segmenting straight from your subscription and sign-up forms, which should allow users to select a variety of preferences, whether they are related to products, content, or general interests. Further along, enhancing your customer data-sets you can segment your customers according to geographic area, past purchases, the amount spent, position in the sales funnel, website behaviour and search history among the most popular.  By targeting your emails to those with a potential interest in the subject, you will see an improvement in click-through rates of your email campaign. And, more importantly, in conversion rates.

Apply Drip Marketing

A drip marketing campaign involves sending a predetermined set of emails at given intervals set on a schedule. It allows your product always to be in touch with consumers and what is essential to receive the whole cycle of emails. What makes it possible? The drip campaign emails go out based on specific timelines or user actions. That means, for example, that even new subscribers will receive first in the life-cycle emails, even if those were already sent a while ago. With the variety of email marketing automation tools, it is relatively easy to implement in the majority of affiliate marketing programs. The right timing and messaging are vital, and drip campaigns bring in significantly higher open and click-through rates.

By combining drip marketing with the customer segmentation mentioned above, you increase the probability of addressing customers with offers matching their interests the most. In email marketing these two approaches are usually considered together; in this way, they are more effective rather than each of two separately.

Prioritize Engagement

The goal of every marketing action is to convert prospects into customers. However, to achieve this, you need first, to attract customers to open your email, second, to have a look through all its content and third, to click through to the website. And then, of course, to buy, download or watch something, depending on the type of action required. To capture the attention of the reader in affiliate email marketing, you need to be creative and offer striking content that would stand out amidst numerous emails that consumers receive daily.

A vivid example of how to achieve this is by using more interactive and dynamic media. Though it is time-consuming, consider focusing on video for the reason that most affiliate marketers believe videos provide the highest ROI. Engagement is likely to lead to interest, which is why it is vital to have a СТА that makes it easy for users to click through. Your CTA should logically derive from the content, be based on the desires of the segment. Actively use promotional offers or discounts; these are easy ways to get your audience interested. Creating a quick avenue for interested users to make a purchase will have a visible impact on your conversion rate and make affiliate marketing worth the cost.   

Don’t Get Generic

Many affiliates use emailing predicated on an extensive list of contacts and don't achieve the desired results.  The problem with this approach is rooted in generic content that business shares with subscribers. Comprehensive is not always right. On the one hand, you indeed have broad material, ensuring that everyone will find something useful, on the other hand, if what people are mainly interested in is not visible at first place, they may not continue reading the whole email. And this creates a tendency that leads to reduced open rates. Consumers can quickly become accustomed to a specific type of messaging, resulting in content losing its uniqueness and value for readers. That means they are very likely to ignore your email, even if they are interested in the product itself. The emails you send should provide value. Your affiliated content should range from entertainment and information to promotional offers. Thus the content should be diverse so that no matter where in the sales funnel your contacts are, there is something that can engage them.     

Affiliate marketing has the potential to bring you an incredibly high ROI, but only when used effectively. These best practices are a great way to start improving your email marketing strategies to maximize engagement, conversion, and, eventually, your bottom line with an affiliate strategy.


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