Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2022

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2022

2022 is already here, so it’s high time to make plans and implement them. Affiliate marketing is one of very few industries which not only did survive during pandemic, but it has also made it through with major gains. While one half of the population tried to adjust to the new online reality, another one started working even more diligently to make the most of it. And it lived up to expectations: the restrictions in offline shopping and social media popularity have done the trick and millions of people worldwide flooded into online shopping. 

This year can become the end of the pandemic (and yes, we all hope it will), and if the restrictions are eventually lifted, the trends set during these two years will stay with us and continue to thrive. Which affiliate marketing trends are worth your attention in 2022? Let’s dive into this together!

Trend#1. Online education

If pandemic has proved anything at all, it's definitely the fact that online education has every right to exist. The increase in popularity of online courses was already quite obvious even before 2020, but now even the most suspicious ones have realized that:

  • Self-education is a must

The economy is changing, and so does the whole world, so if you can’t catch up with business and marketing innovations - you stay behind. Online courses make it possible to study the most innovative professions and skills, especially in marketing and IT, because these spheres develop at the speed of light. The courses are taught by professionals who actually work in these spheres, and this kind of knowledge is impossible to get in traditional educational institutions.

  • Online education can be as effective as in-person one

Learning business, IT, marketing, and artificial intelligence is absolutely feasible online, because almost all these spheres already imply the importance of an online environment.  

  • Saving time is more than appreciated

Saving time is one of the most crucial factors, because in today’s rhythm of life people are striving for the most efficient way to spend their time. Online education saves time on traffic and enables students to spend it on additional education, practicing new skills or refreshing the previous material. 

Nowadays online education attracts people of different ages: from kids and teenagers to experienced professionals. Try these affiliate programs in online education: Udacity(Worldwide), FutureLearn(Worldwide) and Shaw Academy(Many Geo’s). 

Trend#2. eCommerce

Pandemic turned eCommerce into an essential part of almost everyone’s life. Before 2020 people used to buy online as a part of their overall retail experience, but pandemic made everyone realise that online shopping is safe, savvy and fast. People got used to huge sales, deals, offers and truly fast delivery. Fashion, electronics, tools, kids products, homeware, makeup, wellness products - all these segments are massively popular online. If someone felt it odd to buy certain stuff without seeing it first in a brick-and-mortar store, now it goes without question.

Traditional shopping in shopping centres and boutiques of course will stay, but most probably will not be able to beat the convenience of online shopping. Even before pandemic people used to go to brick-and-mortar stores to try clothes and shoes before placing an order online. And there’s no wonder here. Online stores have always offered additional promo codes to save on orders, and those who have already used online shopping, knew it. Nowadays with online stores improving shipping and return policies, customers can place orders absolutely hassle-free.

Lockdown made millions of people get acquainted with their homes once again, which brought a desire to design or redesign the place where people started spending most of their time at. Online shops offering homeware and home decorations came in handy. Not only Chinese giant marketplaces got into the limelight, but also a lot of local online stores which started offering products for home at affordable prices with convenient delivery. 

The same applies to other segments. Gadgets, smartphones, tablets, laptops are ordered online at the best prices. Online shops with products for kids offer the products by the most trusted and approved brands which one can hardly find in brick-and-mortar stores.

Brick-and-mortar stores also keep their noses clean and turn online. By optimising business processes, a lot of local stores started offering goods at lower prices with fast delivery. 

Here are some of the most favourite offers among our affiliates: Aliexpress(Worldwide), StrawberryNet(Worldwide), Farfetch(Worldwide), LookFantastic(Worldwide). 

Trend#3. Online streaming services

Lockdown triggered the growth of online streaming services and we all can relate: how else to feel entertained? According to Forrester, by June 2020, 48% of adult users in the US had subscribed to at least one streaming service. Moreover, in June 2020, when the pandemic and lockdown had just rolled out, 39% of users in the US expressed that they enjoyed watching new movies on streaming services. In 2021 this number increased to 55%, despite vaccine penetration and a lot of restrictions being lifted. In the beginning of the pandemic the idea of being beamed into a virtual concert with millions of other people from all over the world watching it right next to you in online reality seemed dreadful. Now it’s a safe and convenient way to enjoy a new movie at home with friends and family without having to go anywhere.    

Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney+ are among the top winners of this digital takeover, offering the newest TV series, movies and cartoons. You can sign up for our Netflix(US) and Apple TV+(Many Geo’s) affiliate programs right now.  

Trend#4. Online job search services and platforms for freelancers

Job sites and apps have become popular long before lockdown, but pandemic has made some adjustments into the whole labour market making headhunting services on crazy demand by both job-seekers and employers. More and more people started searching for remote job opportunities. The reasons for this are numerous: losing current jobs, having more free time because of working from home, feeling unsafe due to COVID. According to the data provided by Glassdoor, between June 2019 and June 2021 the share of online job searches for remote positions jumped 460%. 

Platforms for freelancers have also boomed. The pool of professional freelancers was replenished with people who have lost their regular income and those who decided to switch from fulltime to freelancer and work remotely while controlling their workload.   

This niche is going to thrive this year. Appjobs(Worldwide), Grabjobs(Many Geo’s), freelancer platform Fiverr(Worldwide) and other affiliate programs are already available on Indoleads.

Trend#5. Software and VPN services

Remote work and online study require software equipment. That’s why design, communications,  and remote work control software have become extremely popular among both individuals and corporate users.

More and more people start their businesses or work as freelancers, and no wonder design software for creating high-quality logos and social media content are highly needed as well as website constructors for building websites without technical background. Some learn how to use professional software as for example Adobe, and some don’t want to go into the details and just need a ready-made solution for their goals. For example, Canva provides perfect graphic design service for both individuals and companies. Turbologo enables everyone to create a professional logo in just minutes. We at Indoleads always add the best offers to our catalogue, so besides Adobe(Many Geo’s), Canva(Worldwide) and Turbologo(Worldwide), you will find many others in this category. 

VPN services got in the spotlight as well with the beginning of the pandemic. In the US VPN usage increased 124% in March 2020. There are many reasons for that: people use VPN to get access to digital content, social media, news websites and millions of companies use VPN to enable connectivity and enforce security by encrypting traffic and blocking unwanted traffic. As long as people work remotely, VPN services will be in high demand, so you should seriously consider affiliate programs in this category: CyberGhost(Worldwide), HideMyAss(Worldwide), Ivacy VPN (Many Geo’s) and many others on Indoleads.

Wrapping It Up

Affiliate marketing trends follow global changes in economics, society and people’s habits. Pandemic definitely has a big impact on all these spheres, and so far there are no reasons to doubt that these trends not only will stay with us, but will continue to strengthen. However as always when it comes to affiliate marketing industry, you should stay on top of it and keep monitoring the new trends. For example, travel niche has been brought to a halt due to all pandemic restrictions, but everything can quickly change once the borders are open again. That’s why you should keep analyzing the market, follow the news and try different niches to understand which one will be the most profitable for you. 

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