Top 10 High-Converting Affiliate Programs from Indoleads

Top 10 High-Converting Affiliate Programs from Indoleads

This holiday season Indoleads has prepared some of the most profitable affiliate programs to boost your sales and treat your audience and yourself as never before. And when such CPA networks as Indoleads say they have some high-converting offers, they know exactly what they’re talking about. Why? Because Indoleads is a premium affiliate network with 2000+ affiliate programs from top advertisers all around the world. Here one can find offers from all trendy niches: eCommerce, finance, health&beauty, education, travel, dating, software, games and much more.

Indoleads is headquartered in Malaysia with offices in 7 more countries, so being a “global” affiliate network isn’t just a word for them. This network collaborates with the biggest brands and companies from 180+ countries: Farfetch, Shein, Adidas, Aliexpress, and many many others. Being an Indoleads publisher means:

  • getting an access to more than 2000 curated affiliate offers from Indoleads
  • getting an access to additional 3000 offers from partner networks at Indoleads Marketplace
  • signing up for exclusive offers not available at any other CPA network
  • gaining exclusive terms and higher payouts from advertisers
  • having a personal manager and a ready to help technical support

Today Indoleads has handpicked top 10 affiliate programs with a conversion rate up to 15%, and it’s hands-down one of the strongest rates in the industry.

1. Dostavista Affiliate Program

Dostavista is a Russian delivery service which works with individuals and companies. The company was founded in 2012 and since then has turned into one of the most popular delivery services in Russia. Dostavista delivers a variety of products from supermarkets, flower shops, online stores and also operates as a courier for delivering documents and parcels between individuals. The company also assists at moving, as Dostavista also has moving trucks.

More than 200 thousand clients already use Dostavista on a regular basis, and this number grows as the company continues to improve and modernize its services. Join here to start promoting Dostavista!

2. Cole Haan Affiliate Program

Cole Haan is an American brand and an online store where anyone can buy men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. The store was founded in 1928 and is currently headquartered in both New York City and Greenland, New Hampshire, United States. Today at Cole Haan both women and men can purchase a variety of high-quality shoes: boots, sneakers, loafers, heels, wedges, tennis and golf shoes and many more. But not only shoes. The company has added outerwear collections for both men and women, as well as socks, belts, hats, bags and many more accessories.

The quality and impeccable style of Cole Haan’s products continue to attract hundreds of thousands of customers. Join here to start earning with Cole Haan!

3. I Love Wallpaper Affiliate Program

I Love Wallpaper is an online store of wallpapers and wall decorations based in the UK. Here one can find the most extensive range of wallpapers, wall murals, paints and tools. The store offers the most innovative materials and stylish designs, because the company’s team believes that every happy family begins with the right renovation. That’s why the concept of this store is all about providing customers not only with the materials but also with the most amazing ideas how to turn their accomodation into a perfect house or apartment. Here one can find thousands of inspiring designs to get the ball rolling.

Want to promote I Love Wallpaper? Join here and get your share of I Love Wallpaper’s revenue!

4. Upgrade Loans and Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Upgrade is an online financial service launched to deliver a truly satisfactory experience to millions of clients. Here one can apply for a loan or a credit card just in a few clicks. The number of people applied for an Upgrade Loan or Card has surpassed 15 mln. Upgrade has issued more than $10 bln in credits, and yet more to come. Upgrade Card has numerous benefits compared to traditional credit cards: it’s the flexibility of a credit card with the low cost and predictability of a personal loan which makes it so versatile and convenient in using for all needs.

Sign up here and start promoting Upgrade Affiliate Program right now!

5. Grubhub Affiliate Program

Grubhub is an American food ordering and delivering service. It connects thousands of local restaurants and cafes with millions of customers in the US. The company has more than 30 mln active users and this number continues to grow as during the pandemic more people are getting used to ordering takeouts delivery. Grubhub connects more than 130 000 associated restaurants across 3 200 cities and all 50 states in the United States.

This affiliate offer is for a very wide range of audience, because everyone loves food and a quick delivery. Join here and start earning with Grubhub!

6. Missoma Affiliate Program

Missoma is a UK brand which produces contemporary and personalised pieces of jewellery. The company was founded in 2008 by a mother and two daughters. Since then Missoma has turned into one of the leading jewelry companies in the world. Here one can purchase amazing earrings, bracelets and multi-layered necklaces. Missoma jewelry is worn by celebrities and influencers.

Missoma is one the brands which not only follows the trends, but also creates the trends itself. Its multi-layered style necklaces quickly won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Join Missoma here!

7. Trainline UK Affiliate Program

Trainline is a leading train and coach tickets platform in the UK. Here one can purchase train tickets in 45 countries, and there are more than 270 carrier operators on behalf of whom the Trainline sells tickets. The service is available both on the website and on the app for iOS and Android users. Passengers get the latest information about their journey, timetable changes and all other travel related information they might need, which is especially useful during the pandemic.

Ready to promote Trainline UK? Join here and start earning!

8. Puzzle-English Affiliate Program

Puzzle-English is an online educational platform for studying English available both on website and on the app. The service was created in 2011 in Russia, and has quickly become one of the most favorite online educational services for those who want to study English from scratch or improve their English. The focus of Puzzle-English’s approach is improving students’ listening skills through comprehending the short videos and audios which are illustrated as puzzles. There are thousands of grammar exercises for refreshing grammar knowledge and a lot of other interactive studying materials.

Sign up here and start promoting Puzzle-English!

9. Noom Affiliate Program

Noom is an innovative online service for losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The service offers a set of lessons based on psychological and nutritional principles and powered by technological progress. Noom works with thousands of professional nutritionists and psychologists to change people’s minds and lives. Here one can get their life absolutely transformed by amazing weight losing results and getting a new perspective on life and healthy eating.

Noom is already popular among thousands of people who have struggled to lose weight, and now have reached their goals with this amazing service. Join here and start earning with Noom!

10. Saramart Affiliate Program


Saramart is an international marketplace with 5 mln products from a variety of categories: clothing and shoes for women and men, accessories, electronics, home products, toys, gifts, stationery, auto accessories and parts. One of the biggest advantages of Saramart is its low prices: here one can find almost everything for themselves, their loved ones, their homes at the most affordable prices. Considering the amount of deals and shopping days Saramart launches no wonder it’s one of the most favorite destinations for hundreds of thousands of customers.

Sign up here and start promoting Saramart!

Wrapping It Up

These offers are terrific for starting out your affiliate journey. 30 000 publishers around the world already chose Indoleads. Searching for more affiliate programs? Indoleads got it all! Join now!

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