This is ban worthy!

This is ban worthy!

  1. Phone number

You can add a phone number which is already used by another account to a new Facebook account.

It’s impossible to sign up a new Facebook account using a phone number which is already used by another account. However, if you use an email to sign up, you can link a phone number which is already linked to another account. In this case, Facebook sends you a notification telling that a phone number used by your account is now linked to another account. An important point here is that linking a phone number already used by other FB accounts doesn’t lead to a ban or any other restrictions which might be imposed on an advertising account, even if you don’t pay bills.

  1. A banking card used to pay for ads on Facebook

Any advertising restrictions (ads manager ban and etc) don’t mean that Facebook also bans a card. You may use the same card for ads manager and business manager of several accounts. The only exception is when Facebook itself sends you a notification that this card can’t be used to pay for advertising anymore.

By the way, Facebook increases the limits of accounts which you can link this very card to. Changing cards or adding new cards to a business manager won’t provoke any punishment – no bans or other restrictions.

  1. Multiaccounts

High-quality bruteforced accounts are always in demand, but it’s also important to have good trust accounts you’ve created on your own. When it comes to these accounts, don’t hesitate to use dozens of business managers, get a lot of views and remove yourself from the list of administrators, and then create a new business manager.

  1. The need to use proxy and change a desktop device

Organic Facebook users (not multiaccounters as we are) never use the same IP to enter the social network. They always use two devices – a desktop one and a mobile phone. The main point is that a normal social network user never bothers about his or her IP address. They log in using ANY FREE WI-FI CONNECTION in subway, in a café and so on. You see, the main thing for a regular user is the Internet connection. Using the same device (a computer) certainly doesn’t reduce the lifetime of an account and has no impact on the trust level. Our own media buying department has proved this.

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