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Survey Machine  by CrakRevenue

New Powerful Affiliate Tool: Survey Machine 

Lately, CrakRevenue has been killing it with new and powerful features for its affiliates. The well-known CPA network has just rebranded its Survey Generator suite, now called Survey Machine. 

What exactly is Survey Machine?

It’s a tool affiliates can use to easily create their own surveys, trivias and quizzes. First, they get to choose a template style that best matches their content. Then, they choose from various question sets, for instance Generic (18+), Porn Usage (18+), Cam (18+), etc. Affiliates can also opt for their own branding — which is always recommended — by linking their logo and custom background. 

Once the look & feel part is done, affiliates can focus on rewards. When an end user completes a survey, he or she is presented with a selection of rewards in the form of deals to CrakRevenue’s top converting offers. Of course, if a visitor clicks on any of these links, an affiliate gets compensated based on performance. There are five types of rewards available with Survey Machine right now: Cam, Dating, Gay, Paysite, Mixed with more planned in the near future.

Is it something for me?

Surveys have a big advantage over other types of ads: they bank on interactivity and engagement. While traditional banners might get overlooked or simply ignored (something referred to as “banner blindness”), interactive tools like surveys/quizzes/trivias play on another angle. 

If you have an adult site and you’re looking for a new revenue stream, then Survey Machine is definitely something you should be aware of. Here’s a few benefits made possible through the use of these tools:

• Higher conversion rates due to their not-in-your-face approach

• Collect data: knowledge is power and will help you improve your business

• Personalize and have a custom made survey to fit your traffic type and kind

Revenue Calculator

If you go to the official SurveyMachine website, you’ll be able to have a rough idea of how much you can earn using these interactive tools. 

Simply choose your traffic type, for example Social Media or Mail, then select your traffic source and add how many visitors you get per month. It’s not a feature you see every day on CPA networks, but be aware it’s just an estimate so don’t expect to match the calculated revenue instantly. 

The Pornhub Survey Case Study

CrakRevenue has been using surveys for a while now. They’ve proven really popular — and lucrative! 

If you’re still on the fence about using Survey Generator, know that they generated 300M visits to their branded survey for Pornhub with 2M in sales. That’s crazy!

Although you might not have as much traffic as the porn giant, it’s proof that engaging tools go a long way toward building trust, giving something interesting to the end user and ultimately filling your pockets with money! 

Global Appreciation

Overall, we feel that the Survey Machine tools are a great way to generate additional revenue online. The fact that you can pretty much customize everything to create a tailored experience is really helpful; if you have specific needs, the CrakRevenue team handles that well too. 

If you were wondering how to boost your conversions, this might be your new favorite way to do so. Survey Machine tools are easy to use with lots of options to choose from. The only downside comes from an impossibility to choose rewards individually (only in sets), but it has already been confirmed to be something the team is looking at and will introduce later for affiliates. 

Be sure to pay the Survey Machine official website a visit for more details.

At CrakRevenue since the beginning, Papa Whale is a web marketing expert. Follow his advice to become a whale yourself.

August 01, 2018

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