Rules for launching contextual adverts. Breaking down the typical mistakes

Rules for launching contextual adverts. Breaking down the typical mistakes

Contextual advertising on google is a very effective promotional tool. An audience that is initially warmed up, multiple ways of segmenting customers, the widest possible coverage, and adjustments even for small budgets. Google Ads is able to offer all this to any webmaster.

However, the advertising campaign must follow some rules in order to be successful. In today's article, we will explain them and give you some examples of some typical contextual advertising mistakes. without further ado, let's get started!

The aim and type of campaign affect your promotion

Depending on your chosen advertising campaign goal, the sources of traffic and types of ads available to you will vary. There are 6 targets to choose from when creating an AC, with emphasis on:


2.Increasing your target audience.

3.Attracting traffic to the website.

4.Increase brand awareness or interest in its products.

5.Application promotion.

As you have noticed, point 4 includes two targets. In any case, after selecting a particular option, you will need to decide on the type of campaign. For example, if you select "Sales" as the objective, the system will suggest the following launch directions:

  • Search Network. This kind of advertising campaign is initially aimed at a hyped up audience. They already know what product they want to buy, but have not yet decided on a particular seller just yet;
  • CMN. This option is suitable for promoting an offer from scratch. The audience does not know about your advertising offer and even less so want to buy it;
  • Trading. A great category for large online shops. Ads are distributed here via a special product section;
  • Video integration. An even more converting option that requires relatively more effort to succeed. At the very least, the arbitrator should prepare quality video creations before starting uploading.
  • Smart advertising. This kind of ad is almost entirely generated by artificial intelligence and all you need to do to promote it is to occasionally top up your advertising budget. You should only resort to this idea when there is a severe shortage of time. It is also important that your account has already had campaigns running before. Based on their statistics, the AI will select the best settings to launch.

It would seem that how can the choice of a particular type influence the whole outcome? However, it is clear from the description above that each type has a different target audience, a different approach to it, a different way of promoting the offer and so on. This is why it is not just the bundle that needs to be tested, but also the overall type and aims of the advertising campaign. 

Segment advertising streams

When it comes to promoting even one product, such as from the crypto vertical, there will always be several target audiences. Each of them will have different interests regarding the offer. Someone will want to make money from it and get a prestigious education, someone will want to buy a house, someone will want to go on a  holiday abroad. Someone already has all this and wants to learn something new. Everyone needs their own unique approach, otherwise you won't be able to snag a client and get them to convert.

For each segment, try to use no more than 20 keywords or phrases. This way we can hit the right target audience for sure.

Ignoring minus-words is bad

Going back to the same offers from the cryptocurrency vertical, by no means do all selected keys always only reach the right audience. For example, an advertiser pays us to attract clients who make deposits of $100 or more. In such a case you cannot use keys alone to weed out the target audience who cannot deposit that kind of money because they do not have enough.

However, minus-words can easily solve the problem. With them, you can separate your advertising campaign from empty clicks and unprofitable users from all sides.

Google ads must be relevant to the client's needs 

More often than not, we work with ordinary people who are not experts in the field of offer. Accordingly, avoid some professional terminology and speak in terms of benefits. Present to the customer the main advantages of the product and the unique advantages in relation to the competitors. 

Keep an eye on the cost of generating leads

This mistake is very common among traffic arbitrage beginners. Often webmasters keep an eye on the profits a client makes, but completely forget to count the costs of generating the targeted action. 

If expenditure exceeds income, we are clearly doing something wrong. If this is the case, we need to optimise the advertising campaign, change the approach to promotion, perhaps divide the target audience into several segments or reduce spending on certain budget columns.

Do not stop the broadcast announcements under any circumstances

Even if you run out of advertising budget, if some bundles urgently need to be redone, or if you have to change the entire landing page. You should never stop promoting. 

The reason for this is very simple. As you move forward, artificial intelligence analyses your customers, the offer, the ads themselves. Gradually, it starts to pick up more and more precise keywords, to find customers interested in the product. If you stop broadcasting your ads, all of this work will simply disappear.

If you don't want to allow this to happen, but you also need to edit the campaign, then simply reduce the daily budget. Yes, just set it at 5 rubles. Then you will have a whole 1 click per day and you can do whatever you like with the AC. 

Make the website user-friendly for all target audiences

This is especially true when it comes to adapting to mobile users. Often we create an advertising campaign only for the PC audience. We forget that almost all of the affluent target audience is always busy with something, and their only work activity is on the computer. Even ordinary people, sitting in the underground on their way to the office, find it more convenient to watch ads on their phones. 

Also, don't forget to work on the loading speed of your landing pages. If the site takes a minute to load, it is unlikely to have a positive impact on conversions. 

Don't forget about remarketing

It is far from always the case that an advertising campaign brings in a decent percentage of conversions, but this can definitely be remedied. One such method is remarketing. This is the retargeting of ads to an audience that was already interested in the product but did not buy it or get the chance.

Query optimisation is also important

After launching an advertising campaign, be sure to keep an eye on the "Search terms" tab. Over time, artificial intelligence will add new relevant phrases to this page. 

Your job, on the other hand, is to find the non-targeted keys in the added list that are just wasting your budget. Select these and add them to the list of minus-words. 

Do not use broad targeting 

This refers to segmentation of the audience according to interests and topics. Most of the time, these parameters cover too many users, resulting in a ridiculously high percentage of untargeted traffic. 

To avoid this, target specific audiences by requested, segmentation by specific traffic sources and similar characteristics.

Summing up the results 

We could talk forever about an effective campaign launch strategy. Each webmaster has his own methods of promoting the AC, his own offers and target audience. However, in today's article, we've looked at the most common mistakes that anyone can make. 

Take the above points into account and you can already avoid most of the problems of budget draining when working with contextual advertising.

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