ROI 450% on PWA apps on Tik-Tok! $12000 CPA!

ROI 450% on PWA apps on Tik-Tok! $12000 CPA!

🔥 PWA apps for Tik-Tok, Facebook and Google! Drive traffic and earn!

👉 @pwastorsbot

We all know perfectly well such a traffic source as TikTok, and how to send traffic from it to regular Webview applications. But now there are more and more difficulties with launches. Every day you have to go through 10-15 applications to find the one that will be moderated for the desired GEO.

But the difficulties do not end there either. Microspends of $5-10, after which ad sets and even AdsManager are banned, take a lot of time and effort to restart.

Because of this, the need arose for PWA applications that solve all these problems. Each PWA link is moderated and spends up to $50 per ad set!

We've released PWA apps to several teams that work with TikTok. They have privately tested PWAs for a week, and are ready to share the results with you! 😉

What will we look at today?

1/ The difference in conversion rates between Webview and PWA applications.
2/ Benefits of sending traffic to PWA applications.
3/ Why is the conversion higher on PWA?
4/ How PWA affects traffic quality.

First of all, I would like to note that PWAs with TikTok are already completely ready to work. There are those who receive 200 deposits daily. One of our partners from the very first day of sending traffic to PWA with TikTok was able to make more than 80 deposits, and literally in 3 days received 300+ deposits. Here is a direct quote from our partner:

“When sending traffic to Russia, PWA showed themselves excellently! ROI has increased several times. :) In addition, we managed to get a Spend that was not on the web before ”.

Sounds good, don't you agree? :) But the statistics support all of the above much better! So let's look at it too.

The difference in conversion between WebView and PWA apps.

To begin with, let's take the statistics of WebView applications:

1 / Installations to registrations - 1 to 2.2;
2 / Registrations to deposits - 1 to 28;
3 / CR 1.59%;

Total: Installations for deposits - 1 to 62.9.

Undoubtedly, here we see a good transition from installation to registration. But users were reluctant to make a deposit, which affected conversions.

PWA statistics:

From December 10, this team started testing our PWA applications and transferred the entire traffic volume to them. And here the difference in conversion is visible to the naked eye:

1 / Settings to registrations - 1 to 1.6;
2 / Registrations to deposits - 1 to 21;
3 / CR 2.96%;

Total: Installations to deposits 1 to 33.7.


Why is the conversion higher on PWA?

When sending traffic to PWA, the conversion is much higher, and, as a result, higher ROI and profit! One of the most important factors is the application that the user sees. As we know, not all WebView applications are moderated on TikTok. Basically, advertising has to be launched on applications with a "white" design - chests, graphics of games, fish, bananas; something that a TikTok moderator will not associate with gambling. Gambling = reject and not passing moderation.

When sending traffic to PWA applications, we cloak, that is, we show the WhitePage to the moderator, which is not prohibited. The moderator approves the advertisement, and we show the user the most aggressive BlackPage to match the casino style. For example, if we send traffic to LEON casinos, then the user, when clicking on the advertisement, will be directed to the following application:

I think it is obvious that the conversion will be higher in comparison with the white application. 🙂

Better traffic quality!

After 5 days, one of the teams has an average check of $12, and the number of repeated deposits is 130% for Russia. As we know, when working with WebView, it is not uncommon for the average check to be $4 in 2 weeks ...

Why is the quality better? Because of the design.

When working with WebView, the user sees a white application with a white name, downloads it, and a casino opens there. There will be little confidence in such a product. I downloaded the application, and the casino opened.

When working with PWA, the user switches from gambling advertising, the application opens with the name of the casino, all screenshots are without cheating, the description says that it is licensed, official, reviews are all aggressive by 4-5 points, and not “how cool it is to play this game, the developers have tried ".

I got a welcome bonus when registering, it’s not fun! I have never seen so much money! And most importantly, they can be withdrawn without any problems!

I always thought that this kind of money was dishonest. But I knew I could make money. Now I make money with you!

Everything is cool and good!

The user gains confidence in the product. He deposits confidently, comes back again and again. Because of this, the quality of traffic grows and, as a result, the rate 🙂

What is the bottom line?

The transition to PWA applications allowed us to close all the main problems when working with Tik-Tok:

1/ Constant microspends for campaigns.
2/ Low traffic quality.
3/ Search for an application that will be moderated on Tik-Tok.

And besides, we managed to significantly increase ROI, it was 450% on a large volume of traffic!

The main question is: how to get the same result? Just!

To launch ads on our PWA applications, you can use both agent AdsManager and regular self-registrations!

The process of creating a cloaking link to a ready-made PWA application is carried out through the @pwastorsbot automatically and in a couple of clicks! You do not need to configure and cloak anything, we do everything ourselves. You just have to launch advertising campaigns and make a profit! 💸

We have also prepared manuals for you that will allow you to start traffic in 10 minutes! Write to @Bomb_35plus and he will help you launch TikTok on your PWA app!

High ROI everyone! 😉


Affbank Team

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Affbank Team

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