[RedTrack.io] Trending Advertising Formats: your Guide for 2019

[RedTrack.io] Trending Advertising Formats: your Guide for 2019

One of the most important decisions in affiliate marketing is choosing which traffic type to focus on. Our team reached out to industry Experts and top-performing Advertising Networks and asked them to share their predictions about 2019 including which ad formats they think will be popular in the coming year and how to effectively work with them.

Download the e-Book “Trending Advertising Formats 2018-2019” to know:

— key predictions that will shape online advertising in 2019;
— overview of trending ad formats;
— actionable tips to effectively work with each ad format.

You just need to pass the registration by link and fill in your data:

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Our hope is that this e-Book will give you a gentle push in the right direction and prepare you for what’s coming in terms of trends and perspectives for 2019.


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Hey, my name is Uliana, Head of Marketing at Affbank. I'm highly experienced in the Affiliate Marketing, especially in the Mobile sphere. All articles are based on my own expirience and I am glad to have a chance sharing it wth all of you. You can reach me out via email: uliana@affbank.com  

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Выбрано максимальное количество фильтров


Выбрано максимальное количество фильтров

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